Nutritionist’s eye – Digging into your health problems

Guest Post by Ponts'o Mokone

Photo by Vitalii Pavlyshynets on Unsplash

Our bodies are like cars. With the right kind of fuel, they can take you places. What you eat, where you eat it, and how you eat it are very important aspects and results will show on your body.

Poor diet is one of the leading causes of lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, Sugar diabetes, cancer, gout, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

First things first. What’s your say on over the counter medications?

I had an encounter with a pharmacist one day. I simply wanted to buy antibiotics for some infection. And guess what happened, he did not agree to sell to me those. I was impressed to be precise. Health should be more important than wealth. Well, to be honest I knew buying over the counter medication is a health risk, yet I turned a blind eye.

I know I am not the only one. As individuals, you find that for a minor illness like headache, we seek to get medication for it. Have you ever sat down, reflected back as to what the source of that headache may be?

  • It may be due to being exposed to the sun for too long
  • It may be due to exhaustion
  • It may be due to dehydration
  • Or maybe something is stressing, etc.

Minimising the problem without really digging into the problem, finding the source and uprooting the problem from its source is nothing but a health hazard and a slowly but sure poison that degrades our general health.

Let’s assume I have a minor infection. I go for antibiotics without any prescription from a doctor. After a day or so, I get well. Two months down the line, the same thing happens. I apply the same remedy.

And then 5 years later I have a major illness or infection. I go to to the doctor who prescribes antibiotics. But I’m now resistant to those, since I’ve been feeding my body with them to an extend that they no longer work.

What happens then?

Do I blame the doctor?

Or do I blame myself for misuse.

The best way to heal your body is to get in touch with a nutritionist for ways in which you can prevent disease with food or heal disease with food before opting for pharmaceutical care.

It is not always necessary to use medication. For which most of that medication has side effects. There’s a saying ” Prevention is better than cure” which most people use without really understanding, more especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. Take heed and pay the farmer now or be ready to pay the pharmaceutical later.