Nursing Assistant



Applications are invited for suitably qualified local candidates for the Positions of Mental Health Nurse, Registered Nurse Midwife and Nursing Assistant at Seboche Mission Hospital. The Incumbents will be expected to perform their individual nursing duties aligning themselves with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and upholding the regulations and policies of Seboche Mission Hospital.

JOB TITLE: Nursing Assistant (1)

Responsible to: CDNS


The Nursing Assistant, under the direct or indirect supervision of a registered nurse or midwife plans and provides skilled direct care across the care continuum using systematic and ethical approaches, whether in the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative or supportive domains to individuals, families, groups or communities.


– COSC, Certificate in Nursing Assistant, listed with LNC and holding the valid license. Minimum of 2 years working experience is an added advantage.


– Draw off duty roaster forward attendants

– Ensure that vital signs are taken and recorded.

– Do bed making and see to it that patients/clients are in clean environment

– To ensure that patient’s treatment are carried out.

– See to it that emergency trays are readily available. E.g Oxygen concentrate or cylinders, resuscitation drugs.

– Order drugs other medical equipment for the wards.

– Supervise feeding of patients by ensuring that proper diet is ordered for the patients.

– Report to the Nursing Sister about matters related to the ward.

– Report any damages in the wards e.g broken chair and medical equipment.


The following skills and aspects of professionalism enable Nursing Assistant to perform his or her duties.

– Strong oral and written Communication skills

– Problem solving skills

– Empathy,

– Listening skills

– Computer literate

Interested candidates should submit their applications, educational certificates and the latest CV to the office of:

Human Resource Officer.

Seboche Mission Hospital

P.O. Box 304

Botha-Bothe 400.

Or send an email to [email protected]

Submission: Closing date for application is the 08/10/2023.

Hospital Cell# 58788254/63358041

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