No More Bad Hair Days, Thanks To Fringe Hub


Every girl can agree that there is nothing as stressful as combing your hair – especially on a cold morning! It is so much easier for boys to rock their ‘chiskops’ because all they have to do is brush it.

Unfortunately, for girls, it is extremely tiring to comb that hair or take care of the cornrows. It is safe to say, BAD HAIR DAYS ARE EVERY GIRL’S WORST NIGHTMARE!

The #NaturalHairMovement has become an iconic promotion of beauty for black women who no longer have to sacrifice their hairlines with relaxers or box braids.

This movement inspired 24-year-old Limakatso Makhakhe to start her very own wig business popularly known as Fringe Hub. This business offers females high quality wigs of any kind in order to allow women to be beautiful while taking care of their natural hair.

Whether you are looking for a synthetic bob wig or a long curly wig with lace in the front, Limakatso has got you covered. She not only sells wigs but also offers service in taking care of your hair underneath the wig by washing your hair! Her wigs come in all forms, whether you are looking for every girl’s dream of a Brazilian wig or the elegant Indian hair – she has you covered.

“Beauty to me entails versatility,” she says. The great thing about wigs is that they have become convenient and provide a wide range of looks for women. Women no longer have to worry about bad hair days because Limakatso’s expertise on hair will have them with one less problem to think about.

Moreover, she gives the best customer experience by preventing the cliché notion of ‘buy and go’. She gives her customers time and advice by forming actual friendships with them!

The fact that celebrities like Kim Kardashian wear wigs unapologetically proves that women do not have to be stuck with one boring hairstyle all week. Thanks to Lesotho’s Fringe Hub, it is possible to look and feel confident. Maybe you should get seven different wigs for every day of the week, don’t you think?

If you want to put an end to your bad hair days, contact Limakatso Makhakhe at +266 6409 6301.

Below is a sneak peek of her wigs;


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