NECC Clarifies Issues on Movement of People

Photo by Tsaiwen Hsu on Unsplash

Border Management Cluster (BMC) under National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) has clarified issues of movement in different borders especially those relating to movement of people.

According to BMC, easing of lockdown still calls all to comply with World Health Organisation (WHO) lifesaving protocols such as avoidance of unnecessary movements amongst others.

Preference is given to patients who otherwise holds medical referral letters to South Africa from certified health professionals. This group still ought to get an additional endorsement letter from Dr. Maama Mojela at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.

In another issue, South African companies needing return of Basotho mine workers who are classified as essential staff need to apply for permission with the South African department of employment and Labour Minerals and Energy for the mine workers to return to the mines.

Basotho nationals in South Africa are also informed that in cases of funerals, they can only be allowed to come bury their immediate relatives. Requirements in this regard include all necessary documents such as death certificates so as to prove relationship with the deceased.