Motion Driven By Heart – 2023 Global Art Competition

Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) invites creative minds to join Alpha’s commitment to cultivating a brighter world, where sustainability and the well-being of humanity take center stage.

All creative minds are invited to envision the future with Alpha’s Wolf Electric Truck in any kind of art form.

Participants are encouraged to embrace the prompts as a source of inspiration to envision the electrifying potential of Alpha Motor Corporation’s Wolf Electric Truck in every facet of your life.

The art competition encourages participants to embrace the prompts as a source of inspiration:

  • PROMPT 1: My Sustainable Adventures With The Wolf Truck
  • PROMPT 2: Why I Believe The Wolf Truck Will Change The World
  • PROMPT 3: How l Plan to Move Humanity With The Wolf Truck

The art competition looks to foster a connection between visionary ideas for a greener future and Alpha Motor Corporation’s unwavering commitment to creating a better world for all of humanity. Harness the transformative power of art and let the Wolf Truck ignite imaginative thinking towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

The competition is open to all ages 4 & above.

All art form is welcomed. Below are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Canvas and Code – A fusion of artistry from traditional to digital art forms
  • Stories in Motion – Engaging short films, documentaries, and motion graphics
  • From Lens to Reels – Visual storytelling through photography and film
  • Words that Move – Creative writing of all forms and spoken word
  • Literary Landscape – Poetic elegance, prose, and personal essays
  • Taking Center Stage – Expressive dances and theatrical performances
  • Music to My Ears – Musical masterpieces
  • Digital Symphony – Innovative engagements through interactive media
  • Sculpture – Inspirational shapes and forms


  • 1st: iPad Pro + Winner’s Package
  • 2nd: Apple Watch + Winner’s Package
  • 3rd: AirPods + Winner’s Package
  • Honorable Mention: Winner’s Package

*) Winner’s Package is an exclusive collection of Alpha Motor Corporation merchandise includes an official Alpha Motor Corporation Pin, Poster, and T-shirt.

Please visit the official website for further information.

No Entry Fee!

It’s free to enter.

Apply here!

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