Mon-Foods launches a revolutionary poultry business with hot specials and order deliveries


Mon-Foods, a 100% Basotho-owned company launched its business at Maseru on 30 October, 2020. The event constituted the tour of the farm, the abattoir and a taste of the chicken later on in the day.

“The company is made up of ordinary people, with ordinary money, to do extraordinary things.” The company’s director, Mr Thabo Stephen Monyamane, at the launch on Friday, said this. He also asserted that Mon-Foods will always be exclusively Basotho-owned.

The business is currently operating a poultry farm and an abattoir and produces high quality, locally produced, fresh and wholesome chicken on a large scale. The business has raised M12m to date and has a capacity of producing 12,000 birds a week and slaughtering 1,300 an hour. Over 60 jobs have been secured in the past six weeks.

The business has been running sizzling opening specials on various chicken products. To provide convenience for its customers, Mon-Foods is offering order deliveries for customers based in Thetsane, MASOWE, Maseru CBD, Naleli, Mabote, Matala, Borokhoaneng and Thabong.

Mon-Foods’s mission is to ensure that there is food security, economic independence, wealth creation and to build a sustainable value chain for Basotho. It guarantees consistent supply to both local enterprises and individuals alike while redressing the unemployment issue.

The company forecasts two large expansions, one in June, 2021 and another in December, 2021. In the first phase, they will have raised M40m and increased their production from 12,000 to 75,000 birds a week by building 4 houses which will each hold 65,000 birds.

The second phase will see the business building four more houses. To supplement their production, they intend to produce grain for their birds which will in turn create 2,000 jobs for Basotho.