Minister of Health, Security Agencies in solidarity towards implementing the Public Health Regulations, 2020

Know the COVID-19 Symptoms

In solidarity, the Minister of Health (MoH) honourable Motlatsi Maqelepo and security agencies namely; Lesotho Defence Force (LDF), Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) as well as Lesotho Correctional Service (LCS) have declared their commitment towards implementation of Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020.

This is after various night clubs and bars operated over the weekend during the day and after hours, attracting many especially youth who even failed to observe social distancing, key compliance in curbing the world wide outbreak.

According to the Honourable Minister, the fact that the country has already recorded two Corona Virus cases is an indication that individuals need to introspect, change attitudes and perceptions towards the pandemic.

‘We all can attest to the fast that the virus has proved beyond reasonable doubts that health is wealth,’ Honourable Maqelepo emphasized.

Giving a synopsis of Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020 No 43 which was amended on May 19, 2020 LMPS Senior Assistant Commissioner, Ezekiel Senti appealed to the nation to abide by the rules aimed at tackling the spread of the virus in the country.

He assured the nation some suspects in these illegal acts have already been arrested and will appear in courts.

LDF was represented by Major General Ramanka Mokaloba while LCS was represented by Deputy Commissioner, Matingoe Phamotse.