Meet Blessing Joele, a Young Woman Whose Singing Brings People to Tears

Blessing Joele

Music has the power to heal and uplift. Today, psychologists all over the world resort to what is called Music Therapy for patients with mental disorders.

Artists all over the world take pride in knowing that their harmonious voices have the power to heal broken hearts. Lesotho is not an anomaly to the many countries with astounding musicians and it is worth noting that many Basotho artists have raw talent that is yet to shock the world.

Blessing Joale is a 20-year-old Mosotho female whose voice alone brings many to tears. She discovered her ability to sing as a young girl but like many, she was shy to explore the depth of her talent.

As she grew up, she decided to sing because her mother who sang in her youth motivated her. Blessing allowed herself to learn the range of her voice and consistently practiced to perfect her form of art. The more she practiced was the more she grew her confidence to sing in front of an actual audience.

In her own words, “When I sang in the worship team of my church, I realized that my voice was different from everyone else and was really motivated.”

Blessing is a rising artist and unlike many, she decided to sing gospel. The reason for this is because she is a firm Christian and deems it fit to use her talent to praise God. When she sings gospel music, she feels like she is drawn closer to God and her relationship with Him is cultivated by her desire to keep using her talent to praise Him.

It is very rare to find a young beautiful girl sticking to her values despite the prevalence of social pressure to do what youngsters call ‘cool’. However, Blessing is very adamant on singing gospel music and living a life that represents Christ on earth.

She reports, “I sing Gospel music because it gives me a chance to give the highest praise to God and let His children know who they are in Christ.”

Like everyone whose life is wrapped around art, this young lady uses her form of art to help her through tough times. Sadness is not overwhelming for her because when she is in pain, she resorts to singing and it helps her calm down. Actually, music has become a healthy emotional outlet for her. It helps her release pain not just for her, but for those around her as well.

Moreover, when she went through the tragic loss of her grandmother, music was the one thing that helped her through her grieving process. Whenever she cried, she would remember that she possessed a super power that could heal her and that was music.

“When I sing, I feel like I am giving all of me out and it feels amazing,” she says. It is without a doubt that Blessing has made music the core of her identity. In her opinion, it impossible to separate Blessing Joale and music because music is what makes her whole.

The expression of who she is fully accentuated by her love for music and she does not just see it as a hobby. Having to share her gift to the world is the best part about her talent since she is very happy to share the gift God gave her to everyone.

Blessing continues to release single tracks because she feels the impact is greatest when she takes her time to do one track at a time. Her biggest desire is to see more recording studios built in Lesotho so that artists can come out from the shadows and express their talent to the world.

She also aspires to see more collaborations between Basotho artists and international stars. This is why her biggest dream is to collaborate with her icon, Travis Greene because in her opinion, he sings honestly in all gospel songs, which in turn helps many to heal in their pains.

It is without a doubt that Blessing Joale is an actual Blessing to the world. What makes this fact undeniable is that she chooses to live from the place of God’s abundant love instead of seeking validation by indulging in self-destructive behavior that youth find ‘cool’.

It is very rare to find a young female sticking to her principles despite the immense societal pressure to carry out immoral practices. With that said, we urge Blessing to keep up the spirit and keep inspiring youth to live from the place of God’s love for them. We cannot wait to watch the exploits she will do!


Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.