M&E Officer

Job Description

The M & E Officer will support the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager ( M&E M) in meeting the quality assurance and quality improvement of all the monitoring and evaluation activities of the Lesotho Country Programme at the district level. This position will be focused on providing oversight in the implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities at facility, community and district level in the m2m respective district/s. Specifically the M&E Officer will be working closely with the m2m facility and community mentor mothers to reconcile m2m data with facility data. This will include but not limited to; overseeing of filling of PMTCT clinical records at the facility registers, also see to it that facility registers match the m2m tracking records and that all identified PMTCT clients and HIV exposed infants have been appropriately registered in both the m2m tools and the facility tools as appropriate for accurate and timely capturing of programme data. The M&E Officer will also be responsible for early tracking of facility and districts PMTCT reach against targets to inform programs and M&E to take remedial measures. In collaboration with the Program Officers and m2m M&E Manager, the M&E Officers will prepare district level presentations and present such presentations at district level upon M&E Manager’s endorsement, the M&E officer will represent m2m at district level during DHMT meetings and other relevant forums and district TWGs.  The M&E Officer will report directly to the M & E Manager and will be based at district level.

Key Performance Areas:
Data Collection: 

•    Ensure complete and accurate data collection and reporting,
•    Follow up where there are missing data reporting forms, implement data quality controls
•    Identify gaps collection skills among Site staff and provide onsite training
•    Ensure all facilities understand PMTCTC indicators (I.e. facility and m2m site staff)
•    Ensure site staff have the needed tools at all times
•    Capture m2m monthly district data and quarterly district SOAR data
•    Participate in m2m annual evaluation data collection exercise

Data quality Management: 
•    Reconcile m2m and facility data for appointment diaries, monthly facility reports and Facility summary sheets on a monthly basis
•    Support a  monthly bi-directional data reconciliation between Community and Facility Mentor Mothers and provide feedback to M&E Manager, Program Officers, Program Managers and Senior Program Manager 
•    Work closely with M&E Manager and Program Officer to monitor progress on reaching facility / district level targets
•    Ensure all the M&E tools at facility and community are kept well and the data is accurately recorded
•    Work closely with the Program Officer in planning supportive supervision visit to provide data quality improvement among site level staff. 
•    External Relationships with other stakeholders data management teams
•    Build  relationships at district, site and community level to enable collaboration and partnership in ensuring data management
•    Coordinate monthly data harmonization for PEPFAR MER indicators with development partners at facility level.  
•    Provide technical support and on-going supervision to site level staff on Commcare and capture facility level data into DATIM. 

Training and development: 
•    Work collaboratively with Program Officers, Regional Manager, HR Officer and the Site staff and identify areas of capacity building and training
•    Make recommendations to M&E  Manager for onsite training needs
•    Develop a comprehensive monthly supportive supervision plan and report to M&E Manager
•    Participate in the M & E training components during PST and IST 
•    Support training and capacity building and rolling out of new initiatives and innovations. 

Annual Evaluation:
•    Participate in m2m Annual Evaluation and other operations research activities to carry out data extraction , capturing and cleaning
•    Produce district level presentations for district level stakeholders meetings and present such presentations upon M&E Manager’s endorsement 

External Relationships: 
•    Represent m2m M&E department at district level ( DHMT) meetings to articulate the performance of m2m 
•    Maintain a Sound relationship with DHMT, MOH staff and other partners at the facility and district level.
•    Collaborate with other organizations working towards the same goal at district level and add value to district collaboration process for improved performance. 
•    Participate in district data quality meetings, PHC meetings and other quality improvement forums at district and national level.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Experience:
•    Degree in Statistics or Demography or related field and/or 3-5 years relevant experience. 
•    Minimum of 3 years’ specific M&E related work experience in the health sector, experience with HIV/AIDS, PMTCT or MCH is preferred
•    Functional knowledge in M&E reporting to USG/PEPFAR and other bilateral or multilateral donors preferred.    
•    Proven ability to mentor site level staff in M&E data tools both paper based and electronic data collection tools for good quality data 
•    Good written and verbal communications skills in English and in a local language is preferred
•    Experience in the use of Commcare and DHIS2   
•    Analytical and creative thinking ability

•    Basic understanding of HIV/AIDS indicators and performance tracking 
•    Numeracy skills
•    Basic filing skills
•    Fluency in English and Sesotho essential
•    Basic understanding of digital health platforms such as CommCare and DHIS2
•    Understanding of Microsoft Excel and  Access  
•    High level of accuracy and attention to detail
•    Possess good analytical and interpersonal skills
•    Ability and willingness to meet reporting deadlines
•    Ability to work independently, under pressure, remain calm and have sensible judgment
•    Ability to take direction and learn on the job
•    Ability to multi-task duties and apply practical problem-solving skills as needed 
•    Make a positive contribution to the overall performance of the M&E team
•    Willing and able to uphold m2m values

mothers2mothers is an equal opportunity employer. We particularly encourage applications from people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), people with disabilities, women and previously disadvantaged people. Competitive salary packages will be negotiable in accordance with m2m’s remuneration policies.
Closing date: 10 July 2017