Manager, Relationship Africa China


Retail & Business Banking

Job Purpose

  • To ensure the integration, adoption and application of the relevant PBB Africa China strategy and related toolbox(es) that will facilitate increased trade between country and China; as well as aggressively grow the market share of trade flows between country and China;
  • To ensure the integration, adoption and application of the relevant PBB Africa China strategy and related toolbox(es) that will aggressively grow market share within the Chinese ecosystem in country i.e. Chinese businesses as well as employees of Chinese corporates and businesses.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Provides input into the development of a holistic Africa China strategy for PBB that will aggressively grow the customer base (i.e. Chinese businesses; increased trade (volume and value) between Africa and China; Chinese customers acquired through Chinese SOE ecosystems).
  • Provides a comprehensive view of economic, macro, and micro economic conditions in order to help shape the Africa China strategy.
  • Implements the Africa China strategy and toolbox(es) and seeks approval for any customisation requests.
  • Identifies and executes on trade flow opportunities between Africa and China and advises PBB AR accordingly. 
  • Identifies key Chinese businesses and clients and develops solutions to unlock value chain opportunities.
  • Provides relevant stakeholders with meaningful reports on the consistent adoption and application of the Africa China strategy in country.
  • Keeps abreast of industry trends and macro challenges and adjusts the plan accordingly.
  • Implements and adopts customer acquisition, product and channel propositions.
  • Adheres to specific acquisition and relationship management tactics for the Chinese environment (e.g., legal agreements, translations, marketing material, etc.) by leveraging off existing PBB capabilities and customer solutions (i.e. Customer Acquisition and Retention).
  • Provides input into digitisation requirements.
  • Adheres to marketing material specifications as defined by PBB.
  • Participates in Africa China events as required by PBB.
  • Works with country Product to identify, design and deliver fit-for-purpose client centric product solutions.
  • Analyses, interprets and communicates data to relevant teams (e.g., income received from Ecosystems).
  • Tracks, monitors and reports on Africa China milestones, penetration of new to Bank in selected companies, across industry sectors, etc.
  • Implements the agreed Africa China governance requirements for the country and is responsible for the overall performance of Africa China for country.
  • Adheres to all risk management and control systems (e.g., Credit, Operations, People, Business and Operational Risk and regulatory compliance).
  • Adheres to the defined relationship framework for ICBC, Chinese Embassies across Africa countries, relevant international government stakeholders, industry bodies, etc.
  • Adheres to the defined partnership framework for third party vendors for the provision of value added products and services in support of the Africa China strategy.
  • Provides the necessary guidance and support to front line teams on risk and compliance matters (where relevant).
  • Adheres to all risk and compliance requirements in terms of any analysis or reporting conducted.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Degree Business Commerce , or related field
  • 5-7 yearsyears general banking experience
  • Mandarin speaking will added advantage
  • Extensive business banking expertise is essential as well as significant experience in dealing with credit and international trade solutions.
  • Past experience in dealing with the public sector and Chinese community is preferred.
  • Past roles that required extensive stakeholder engagement for success would also be beneficial.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Knowledge of the Code of Banking Practice.
  • General knowledge of products offered by the bank.
  • Knowledge of the functions performed by the Relationship Banking
  • Developing Strategies.
  • Generating Ideas
  • Proficient in the design and understanding of data management, analytics and business intelligence.
  • Understands the digital landscape and digitisation strategies that enable an enable an enhanced customer experience.
  • Experience in preparing and motivating credit applications is essential for arbitration purposes

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