Manager – Quality Assurance -TVD at Ministry of Education and Training


Applications  are  invited  from  suitably  qualified  local  candidates  for  the following  positions  tenable  in  the  Ministry  of  Education  and  Training:



GRADE             :  I  (M261    108.00-307  860.00  P/A)


Job  Summary

Under  the  supervision  of  the  Director  –  TVET  the  incumbent  shall  provide quality  management  to  training  providers,  non-  government  institutions  and the  training  centers  in  industries,  manage  technical  operations  of  TVET efficiently   to   ensure   good   quality   of  learning   standards   and   quality assurance.  He  or  she  facilitates  the  implementation  of  strategic  plans  and ministerial  policies,  ensures  that  TVET  programs  and  services  meet  the current  and  emerging  training  standards  of  industries  locally,  regionally  and globally  and  manages  the  distributions  of  learning  materials  and  other relevant  resourceful  materials,  manages  TVET  staff,  facilitates  the  provision of  in-service  training,  advice  the  director  on  policy  issues  and  produces reports.

Main  Duties

  1. Oversee the  Quality  Management  of  TVET  institutions

(a)  To  liaise  with  the  institutions  to  ensure  that  the  developed  training
standards  are  met

(b)   To  guide/manage  WET  staff  to  develop  inspection  schedules  and
ensure  their  implementation   and  their  recommendations  to  the institutions  are  addressed  accordingly.

(c)  To  formulate  and  interpret  policies  of  pre-service  training.

(d)   To  provide  advice  on  all  matters  relating  to  quality  assurance  and


  1. Enhance Maintenance  of  Learning  Standards  to  improve  quality
    and  relevance  of  the  training  system

(a)  To  conduct  needs  analysis.

(b)   To   facilitate  the  development  and  upgrading  of  training  programs

(c)  To   facilitate  the  development  and  upgrading  of  training  of  trainers.

(d)   To  facilitate  the  development  and  upgrading  of  the  national  curricula
so  that  are  in  line  with  industrial  and  national  needs

(e)  To  manage  the  provisions  of  industrial  attachments  and  trade  test.


  1. Setting of  Standard  and  Quality  Assurance

(a)  To  manage  registration  and  accreditation  of  training  institutions

(b)   To  evaluate  impact  of  training  programs  by  organizing  periodic  survey
and  tracer  study.

(c)   To  manage  the  coordination  and  regulation  of  the  traineeship  scheme

(d)   To   facilitate  monitoring  and  evaluation  of  training.

(e)  To  participate  in  the  development  of  strategic  plan.

  1. Provision of  Learning  Materials  and  other  Resources.

(a)  To   ensure   that   institutional   funds   are   managed   effectively   and
efficiently  for  the  supply  of  learning  materials  and  other  resources.

(b)  To  ensure  that  training  equipment  is  up  to  the  required  standards.

(c)  To    facilitate    the    stock    checking    of   training    equipment    and
maintenance  of  facilities  in  institutions.

(d)  To   produce   annuals  report  on   the   same   and   share   it  with   the
concerned  parties.


Job  Specification

Master’s  degree  in  Education  (Technical  and  vocational)  plus  two  (2)  years’ experience  in  a  managerial  post


Degree  in  Technical  and  Vocational  Education  from  a  recognized  University of  polytechnic  plus  five  (5)  years’  experience  in  managerial  post



The  incumbent  must  have  good:

Managerial  skills

Interpersonal  skills Analytical  Skills

Communication  Skills Planning  skills

Liaising  skills

Report  writing  skills Clean  driver’s  license IT  skills



For  the  work  of  others

The  task  requires  responsibility  for  ensuring  that  policy  guidelines  and  legal procedures  are  adhered  to.

For  resources

The  task  requires  great  control  for  expenditure  and  maintenance  of  data base  for  all  government  assets.

For  safety  of  others

This  factor  is  minimal

For  effect  of  errors

The  task  required  high  level  of  integrity  and  firm  applications  of  relevant legal  procedures


Decision  making

The  task  requires  proven  ability  to  solve  staff  problems,  all  matters  arising from  the  industries  concerning  the  trainees  and  other  complaints  from  other stakeholders.

Supervision  received

The  incumbent  is  accountable  to  the  Director  and  guided  by  the  Lesotho Constitution,  Public  Service  Act  and  associated  regulations  and  Procurement Legislation

Change  management

The  task  require  a  proven  ability  to  adapt  to  the  new  technological  changes, creativity  and  innovations  focused  on  environmental  changes

Knowledge  management

The   incumbent  must  share  the  knowledge   and  information  with  other parties  to  benefit  all


This  is  considered  minimal


Makes  regular  contacts  with  all  ministries,   Ministry  of  Education  and Training,  Labour  and  Employment,  Trade  and  Industry,  Training  providers, Industry   Associations,   Aid/Donor   organizations,   Financial   Institutions, University  of  Lesotho  and  Ministry  of  Finance


Applications on the relevant forms G.P. 104 for serving officers and G.P. 103 for job seekers, duly accompanied by certified copies of educational certificates, performance appraisal forms transcripts, diplomas etc. must be addressed to:

The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Education and Training
P. O. Box 47
Maseru – 100

Not later than 23rd August, 2018