Manager Non Financial Risk Client Solutions


Job Purpose

To manage and deliver an integrated and independent Risk Management Function in order to enable Client Solutions to seize opportunities in pursuit of growth, by managing Non-Financial Risks in a manner that balances the interests of clients and other stakeholders, while protecting the safety and soundness of the bank, ensuring the ethical standards are adhered to and maintained. To provide assurance on the control and risk status for Client Solutions.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Implement and control the Standard Bank Group’s Risk Management policies and procedures for managing the non-financial risks that the enterprise might encounter across all Africa Regions countries and jurisdictions.

  • Guide the Client Solutions leadership and Committee’s in terms of non-financial risk requirements and approach to ensure the Business Lines retain its licences to operate in Lesotho. Manage the risk consequences of decisions made on behalf of Client Solutions and Corporate Functions across Africa Regions.

  • Monitor and report to the Exco, Client Solutions Manco’s, Head of NFR and the Head of Risk for oversight of all non-financial Risk Management in Client Solutions, while maintaining independence and having sufficient authority, stature and resources for the effective and efficient functioning of the Risk Management Function.

  • Monitor and report to the Client Solutions Executive Management Committee any business strategy or plans that exceeds the Country risk appetite and tolerance that may result in a non-financial negative impact.

  • Manage and monitor risk management in Client Solutions across the full value chain, including the corporate functions.

  • Engage proactively with stakeholders and the environment at large to understand and manage non-financial risks within Client Solutions and Corporate Functions. Lead and control non-financial risk management in Client Solutions and Corporate Functions to ensure the country is prepared to withstand the test of any current and future non-financial risks by influencing the relevant stakeholders. Champions the culture of a responsible risk-taking organisation without compromising the future.
  • Monitor and control the identification of all Non-Financial Risk types including new emerging risks to ensure the non-financial risks are included in the Risk taxonomy. Implement the Non-Financial Risk Framework within Client Solutions and Corporate Functions to ensure all risk types are identified and reported.
  • Lead and drive the implementation of best practices to be agile and have the courage to navigate through the unknown future, reconfiguring the operational risk appetite on a continuous basis. Develop and maintain a sound awareness and understanding of new threats and lead the positioning of the business appropriately.
  • Provide guidance and specialist advice in managing various types of non-financial risks, complex problems and key opportunities that have been identified within Client Solutions and Corporate Functions.
  • Monitor progress of non-financial risk mitigation activities within Client Solutions and Corporate Functions. Monitor adherence to minimum standards for Non-Financial Risk Management services to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory laws. Socialise non-financial risk standards across the country in order to establish a healthy culture of good governance.
  • Enforce and review risk and control remedial activities and gaps that were identified in order to effectively mitigate non-financial risks across Client Solutions and Corporate Functions.
  • Monitor and control the implementation of the Group Non-Financial Risk Management Framework and develop risk mitigation plans govern the development and monitoring of risk and exposure models and risk mitigation activities in line with risk appetite. Comply with the Group’s risk disclosures to maintain compliance with relevant regulatory authorities. Embed the use scenario testing results to benefit risk management and decision-making at various levels in the Bank.
  • Identify and quantify non-financial risks across Client Solutions and Corporate Functions in order to mitigate them effectively and manage the financial impact on the Business Line. Ensure the country reserve appropriate levels of capital to mitigate the risk of tail end risks that could be 1 in 100 year events.
  • Assist the Head NFR in leading and driving a risk culture within Lesotho in order to provide clients assurance on the upholding of the highest levels of integrity and meeting all regulatory and reputational requirements across Client Solutions, and Corporate Functions within Lesotho
  • Build closer alignment between risk and financial planning to ensure sustainable growth and profitability and enable sound business decisions that result in gains. Control and manage the Non Financial Risk portfolio to ensure the Client Solutions are better equipped to identify and quantify potential risks and mitigate them effectively.
  • Ensure Non-Financial Risk Management services are competitive and benchmarked against industry standards taking local nuances into account.
  • Enable capital and functional cost improvements, improved risk, controls and compliance, data access, quality and integrity, governance driven predictability, accelerating change readiness and business agility as it pertains to non-financial risks within Client Solutions and Corporate Functions.


Minimum Qualification and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems or Statistics or Mathematics or Data Analytics or Risk Management would be a minimum requirement for this role.
  • A Masters’ degree in Risk Management, would be an added advantage.
  • Data analytics skills are highly preferred for this role.
  • A minimum of 6 years’ experience in risk management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the regulatory environment governing financial institutions in Lesotho.
  • A good knowledge of risk management is a must have

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