Management Information System Specialist


Group Shared Services: driving operational excellence, transparency and continuous improvement across our business, by leveraging scale, capabilities and innovation.

Job Purpose

To provide reporting, insights and analytics for an allocated portfolio across
multiple products and/or segments across the credit lifecycle (e.g.,
originations, account management, collections) in order to inform business
decision making strategy formulation.
To enable the business to access and interpret reports and dashboards, and
to efficiently and effectively utilise the available reporting tools
To drive the automation of relevant production reports to ensure
efficiency, and accuracy of reports.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Engage with business to gain a comprehensive understanding of goals, processes and challenges Identify and propose measures and Key Performance indicators and prepare the Business Requirements Document, in line with the MI framework, that can be translated into functional and technical specifications by the design and development team to support the achievement of business objectives.
  • Determine the data required, identify the appropriate data sources and where required integrate multiple data sources in support of the business specifications. Formulate and employ robust data analysis techniques analyse the data to ensure adequacy, and legitimacy of data.
  • Perform data preparation which includes data cleaning, standardisation analysis and daily use of data sources. Complete data testing as part of data migration and new system implementation projects to ensure that the integrity of the data is maintained, and all reports are reliable and accurate.
  • Consolidate and integrate all data to ensure that reporting outputs are rationalised to avoid duplication and ensure that generation of MI that is reconcilable to trusted data sources.
  • Raise instances where insufficient and/or inaccurate data is available and does not meet business requirements – propose alternative approaches for consideration. Identify and resolve any ad hoc and/or persistent data quality and integrity issues to facilitate the generation the required reports data in a timely manner while also meeting the principles relating to accuracy, integrity, completeness and adaptability.
  • Use data visualisation tools to generate graphical representations of information gleaned from the date, ensuring that the reports produced are attention grabbing and are generated as per service level agreements with the business to enable timely decision making.
  • Analyse trends within the data and provide the business with insights to reduce credit related risks and inform credit scorecard development, furthermore, develop models in response to identified challenges and to support the business in the development of business plans and in forecasting to support the accuracy thereof and to optimise the performance of the business.
  • Develop code and reporting processes as well as look up or reference tables that will facilitate the interpretation of datasets, automate
    repetitive reporting to reduce human error and to improve the standard and quality of reports produced.
  • Proactively monitor, evaluate and review the field of data management and analytics to maintain awareness of developments in the field and industry. Identify best practices to and propose new and improved processes and where required discuss any changes with the relevant stakeholder to ensure that the bank remains relevant and in line with current practices.
  • Analyse customer data and present findings and insights to the business to enable a deeper understanding of customer behaviours and to drive customer centric and data driven decisions.
  • Assist in the design of training material and conduct training on the various reporting tools to a variety of stakeholders. Evaluate the effectiveness of the training to ensure that the tools are used effectively.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Degree Information Technology
  • 5 years of experience in customer data and information lifecycle with an understanding of BI technologies and practices. Exceptional reporting skills; including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word and/or SQL to access, combine and analyse multiple data sources preferred.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Intergrity
  • Knowledge management
  • Financial analysis
  • Knowledge of Banking and Financial services
  • Business Communication

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