Make an impact on the future of the earth, embrace green technology

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash
Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

We’ve recently been exposed to the “EL NINO” drought. We saw unparalleled water and food shortages. Farming became almost an impossibility. Talks about it sounded all around.

People began to show some interest in issues relating to global warming. Not that we’ve gone past such a period. People, globally, proposed a lot of solutions to the issues of global warming and amongst the most ideal solutions was green tech.

What is green tech, you may be asking? How can we adopt it in our context in Lesotho? Is it not true that it may cost us millions, thereby making it impossible to adopt?

According to Will Kenton, “the term green tech (also known as Clean-tech) refers to technology that is considered environmentally friendly based on its production process or supply chain. It also may refer to a means of energy production that is less harmful to the environment than more traditional ways of generating energy, such as burning fossil fuels.”

We all aspire to live better and in healthy environments. We’ve been pursuing just that all along. Nobody ever intended to cause the harm that we’ve caused.

Unaware of the consequences of our behavior, today we’re faced with global warming. We also have sucked all minerals from our environment, some almost to extinction. If, our behavior goes unchallenged we will soon be left with no environment, but horrors of lifelessness.

Which is why it is proposed that we embrace green engineering technology, by way of responding to global warming. What we need is thriving economies and a thriving planet, conducive to human lives.

The responsibility now lies with all of us. We need to start considering means to sustain our environment. We need not to continue in this route that led us here. Production should still be maintained but with alternatives to environmentally parasitic practices.

Green tech offers just the way. There’s no denying it, if we continue with unhealthy production processes we’re as good as dead. Too much is at stake beginning with our health, biodiversity all the way to economic well-being.

If you ever wanted to make an impact on the future of the Earth, here are four interesting innovation careers that you could explore as suggested by Anna Powers on Green Tech: Careers in Innovation That Will Save the Earth.

Product Design Engineer

Product Design Engineers come up with ideas for innovation coupling ideas between engineering and design. One very cool example of how product engineers are combating the plastic problem is an edible water bottle.

Research Scientist

A lot of the innovation we see today originated in the academic institutions by scientists at various interdisciplinary teams, ranging from chemistry to physics to material science. One example of pioneering work to save the earth is a Graphene Sieve which separates saltwater into drinking water.

Clean Car Engineers

Fossil fuels are disruptive to the Earth as they erode the ozone layer, thus eradicating the emission of fossil fuels is a priority in order to protect our environment. Electric cars are thought to be one solution to the problem.


Hydrologists research, develop and maintain safe and sustainable domestic or natural water management strategies.

Well, we can always think of technologies that make use of Wind, solar energy as well as water to address our economic hazards. Governments should consider it a smart move to invest in such.