Lesotho to benefit from $4.7m Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF)

Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash

The Africa Climate Change Fund ACCF is supporting African countries to strengthen their capacities to access international climate funds and to pilot innovative small scale climate adaptation projects.

The Africa Climate Change Fund (ACCF) recently approved seven new project proposals amounting to around $4.7 million. The projects are spread across seven countries which are Mozambique, Sudan, Senegal, Benin, Lesotho, Kenya and Uganda.

The approval of these projects increases ACCF’s overall portfolio to 15 projects. These projects demonstrate how the ACCF helps Regional Member Countries to finance climate-resilient, low-carbon development.

They will expand the ACCF’s geographic reach and diversify its field of intervention. The projects align with the African Developemtn Bank’s Strategy 2013-2022 and Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020.

Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) – Lesotho: The project will scale up the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s LoCAL Mechanism which supports local governments to execute climate resilient development projects using performance-based grants. The project will be implemented by UNCDF.

The African Climate Change Fund is a mechanism that the African Development Bank (AfDB) established in April 2014 to support climate change resilience on the continent.

The fund’s main focuses are institutional capacity building, mainstreaming climate change and green growth into programmes and projects, and preparing African countries for access to green finance.