Lesotho: Food Security Update – February 2021

Photo by Simon Allen on Unsplash


  • The country received heavy rains in January that caused loss of lives, animal death, destroyed crops and infrastructure.
  • At least 54 foot bridges were destroyed, thus cutting access to services such as health services at the time of COVID-19 and for pregnant women, young children, and people on chronic medication.
  • The Government moved the country from red to orange colour stage on the COVID-19 Risk Determination and Mitigation Framework, and this allowed some economic activities to occur.
  • Household purchasing power continued to be undermined by loss of incomes especially in urban areas due to limited business operations following COVID-19 induced total lockdown.
  • All the 10 districts remained in phase 3 or worse of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) until March 2021.
  • Due to poor harvest in 2020, majority of households had depleted their food stocks and obtained most of their food through purchases.
  • Food prices remained high making it hard for many households to meet their needs due to reduced incomes especially during total lockdown.

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