Lemeke gearing up for his debut album with a hit single


Lemeke Tlale known professionally as Lemeke is a Lesotho born music composer, pianist, keyboardist, church organist, and a recording artist.

He has recently dropped a single, ‘Listen to your heart’ through various online music distribution platforms.

‘Listen to your heart’ is a reminder that our senses do not suffice as a compass to living our lives full throttle. The heart knows what the full truth of life is.

It is at the core of our belief system, and influences the decisions we consciously and unconsciously make. We have to search and discover the subtle voice in our hearts and befriend it. , and make it our ride or die because in the midst of loud external voices only that of your heart is meaningful and relevant.

Listen to your heart. Be free and still be human enough to magnify the voice of your heart. In the face of life tragedies it bears a sign of hope to have faith for a better tomorrow and a more positive outlook in life.

‘Listen to your heart’ brings a contemporary mix of new age and groovy jazzy classical music. You sure will want to take a listen to it.

Lemeke Tlale is a classically trained pianist who had to persevere through all genres from classical pop to urban jazz to find himself as part of a powerful jazzy classic label that will lead the music scene.

Look out for his debut album featuring various artists and instrumentalists to be released later this year. Listen to your heart is a single released from this upcoming album.

You can order his single right away on Spotify or Itunes.