Kasi Corner Talks: Episode 7, Driving Positive Economic Change with Mr. Pekane Lerata



Therapeutic Street Talks brings you non other than the P.S. of small business Mr Pekane Lerata. He shares with us his story and how he began to pursue his calling in life, from his days as the president of the Lesotho Institute of Accountants to where he currently sits as one of the most influential people in the area of business within the country.

As the first Change Agent Ntate Lerata goes down memory lane and narrate how he started the change agent movement by not only incorporating mantras such as “Lesotho le Basotho pele and Ha rele bakana re lekane” but being the living embodiment of it.

Change agents are self starters meaning that they first seek to empower themselves before looking for resources/funding elsewhere. This vision of prosperous nation was inspired by the 7 main objectives of Vission 2020, some of those being “a clean environment, a stable nation, technological advancement and highly effective/ skilled human resource base etc…”

As more than just a mere corporative Change agents seek to empower each other through sharing not only skills but resources as well. Where most communities of this stature are class bound, change agents seek only to push forward their main agenda, which is “Lesotho le Basotho PELE” meaning that there are no joining fees and no educational requirements on your part required to join.

Mahatma Gandhi reportedly once said “You have to be the change you want to see in the world,” Change Agents took this line seriously and through seminars and talks they are spreading their message across the country.

Mosotho, now is time to reflect and to introspect, do you like your life, the environment you live in, do you love your country..? Is your answer no to any of these questions..? How are woring on changing that NO to a YES..?

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