Kasi Corner Talks: Episode 4, What is KEMNET?




KEMNET is a network that aims to bring economic and sociopolitical issues facing African youth to the forefront of every conversation, we believe that by using our own special kind of physics (Kemnetics) we will influence our world positively by engaging in solution oriented conversations.

What we pride ourselves in is bringing in experts from the economic, legal, political and entrepreneurship spectrum to provide valuable insight to steer us in the right direction. As a platform similar to others such as skillshare, we share the same sentiment in that through our podcast you, the listener, obtains knowledge.

We are for the youth, our market encapsulates every thing that you, as a youth in the 21st century will come across be it environmental, psychological or otherwise. This is your space, where all your issues will have a voice.

By conscientizing the Youth of Africa we hope to initiate a shift in thought, thereby changing the very impression of what it means to be African. We want the world to sit up and take notice, Africa, our time is now. Let’s take charge.

You can reach KEMNET by emailing [email protected] or by call on +266 59062778