John Tsenoli is capturing hearts and leaving fans in tears with his music in Johannesburg

Image Credit: John Tsenoli on Facebook

John Tsenoli is a very talented youngster who’s been a sponsorship artist at “Born To Perform” and his performing arts school, Stageworx School of the Performing Arts for the past few years.

Music has always been John’s passion, and so four years ago, as a shy 17-year-old, John packed up and left his family and the mountains of his homeland of Lesotho and headed to Johannesburg to pursue his dream.

Tough times ensued and soon had John questioning his decision. He was just days away from heading back home, “where he would need to herd cattle” as John says, when a friend encouraged him to audition for Born To Perform’s Gala Concert that year, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Not only was he cast in the show, but was also given a featured number in the Hamilton segment, where many people in the entertainment industry sat up and took notice.

In the few years John has been in Johannesburg, he has fast established himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage, where he is now anything but shy!

With Mondeor High Gospel Choir backing John this year, Long Road was undoubtedly the showstopper number again, of the Born To Perform’s SHINE! 2019 and the crowd favourite. Says Matthew Marinus, “John brought the house down at The Teatro at Montecasino in Born To Perform’s SHINE where he received a standing ovation at each performance. The audiences went wild and wanted more. I’m so excited to see John continue his vision of bringing people together through his music as he embarks on what looks like a remarkable start to his musical journey.”

John felt there was nowhere else he could film his music video for I’m Just A Boy other than at his birthplace, so he headed back to the hills of Lesotho to reflect on where the journey began for him, how far he has come, and how far he still plans to go.

Composed by John, alongside industry greats Ryno Zeelie and Matthew Marinus, I’m Just a Boy is an endearing and introspective introduction to the 21-year-old.

It’s very important for John as he travels this exciting journey, to give back to other youngsters and encourage and work with them, just as he was encouraged by people like Gemma and Matthew Marinus and Mullin Krienke at Stageworx Performing Arts School and many others.

He has a love for all music styles, is quick to add some killer dance moves on stage is his band set-up, so the future is bright for this young talent.

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