J.C. Top Achiever Mpati Let’sela Becomes An Inspiration


Excellence is defined by philosophy as one’s ability to do an ordinary thing in an extra-ordinary manner. Children born in the 2000s are very keen on ensuring that they do everything excellently not just to pass time, but to constantly prove those who call them the ‘lazy’ generation wrong.

Mpati Let’sela is a name that is known all over the country today because this 16 year old has officially made history and has become an inspiration to kids all over Lesotho!

Mpati Let’sela was born and raised in Maseru, Lesotho. She attended primary school at Phethahatso English Medium then proceeded to Lesotho High School. When anyone mentions the name Mpati Let’sela today, everyone goes back to the moment when the Minister of Education, on national television gracefully congratulated the Junior Certificate Top Achiever being Miss Mpati Let’sela.

It was an incredible moment in the country because the Covid-19 pandemic taken a huge toll on students all over Lesotho and everyone anticipated to know the name of the person who had defied the odds by becoming top achiever!

The astounding fact about this win for Mpati is that she is still in awe at how much hard work, discipline and consistency paid off.

When asked how she felt when hearing that she was the J.C top achiever, she modestly said, “I felt good because it was a breakthrough proving that all my hard work had paid off and a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders since there was a lot of pressure on me. I am very grateful to the Lord for answering my prayers.”

To become a winner, it is a truth universally acknowledged that one needs to start by thinking like a winner. This young girl, started to think like a winner even before she was 16. She read a lot of books in her spare time and in her opinion, reading is not a hobby but an investment.

She believes that the more she cultivates her ability to think, the easier it will become to be a winner. Unlike many, to her reading is not just about escaping from reality, it is about shaping a perspective of objectiveness and becoming better so that one can become open-minded. In addition, reading is about learning more about the world beyond one’s reach and to Mpati, no investment can surpass the rewards reading gives.

The second and most important key to winning is efficiency. Knowing that she had her eye on the prize, Mpati developed a study pattern that helped her understand concepts in depth.

She reports that she studied relentlessly and watched many educational YouTube videos before exams. This made her widen the scope of understanding and acquire different routes to solving complex mathematical problems.

Most importantly, she constantly consulted teachers for help, those who taught her and those who did not. The reason for this was to keep the concepts in her memory and to deepen her understanding.

Mpati Let’sela is not just an inspiration because of academic excellence. At 16, she has successfully established a business called Pandies. This business manufactures panties fitted with reusable sanitary pads for women. It is breakthrough in Lesotho because many girls cannot afford sanitary pads and having a panty lined with a reusable sanitary pad reduces the hassle of having to buy a packet of pads all the time.

In addition, Mpati Let’sela has broken the record and has become the youngest female to have her story featured and published in a Cambridge English grade 9 text book used by Lesotho learners. As modestly as ever, she reports, “All these achievements make me feel very proud and grateful to the Lord.”

It is truly inspiring to find a determined and goal-driven child in an era where those born in the 2000s are called all sorts of names. She is climbing the ladder not just in academics but in entrepreneurship as well.

Her long-term goal is to change countless lives on earth by creating a cooperation of her own that will collaborate with organizations such as the UN. She plans on helping the needy, empowering women and creating socio-economic change in Lesotho.

No dream is too big, what matters is what the dreamer sees when he/she looks in the mirror. Mpati says, “I see myself as an intelligent young girl who will never allow herself  to be brought down by anything. When I see Mpati, I see a girl who is placed on earth by God Almighty to touch humanity by becoming an inspiration. Most importantly, I see myself as persevering and willing to learn how to grow not just as an intellect but as a human being as well.”

Selibeng sternly congratulates Mpati Let’sela for becoming an inspiration to Basotho and defying the odds Covd-19 put on all. We cannot wait to watch her succeed and wish her the very best in her journey!


Grace is an uprising youth activist who uses her voice to inspire and inform. She has worked internationally as the Deputy Secretary General with Model UN Impact. This is where she advocated for youth inclusivity in the implementation of the SDGs and further launched projects such as PHAHAMA MOSALI. She is currently the youngest SDGs Ambassador for the internationally renowned Global Citizens Innovative Solutions SDGs Challenge.