IT Needs Assessment Consultancy Services




TEKANO is a non-profit organisation whose vision is to have a more equitable South African society with improved health status across all populations. This is through fostering dynamic, visionary, value-based leaders working in catalytic communities of learning and action who articulate, convey and act to promote health equity.

Tekano achieves this by conducting a Fellowship Programme which annually recruits 15 – 25 Fellows who work together towards advocating for the improvement of the lives and access to health services of marginalised communities. These fellows graduate into a Lifelong Fellowship programme where they continue to engage in social change initiatives in their communities. Tekano offers them various forms of support, including continuous skills building and small grant funding.

Due to the nature of the work Tekano conducts the global COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges such as exploring innovative methods of course delivery, identification of appropriate IT tools, systems and platforms to drive organisational efficiency, manage data security and seamlessly integrate a variety of IT systems. A comprehensive IT Strategy that meets the needs of the Tekano’s Community and adequately manages the organisation’s IT risks is integral.


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from bidders for the provision of an IT Organisational Assessment. The main requirement of this consultancy is for a service provider to conduct a holistic assessment of Tekano’s current IT status and needs in relation to the Tekano multi-year strategic plan. Tekano seeks a detailed assessment of whether / how / why / why not etc. Its current IT status is geared toward achieving its stated mission and strategy.  The ultimate output is the development of an IT Strategy for the organisation premised on the most appropriate IT for the achievement of its multi-year strategic plan.
This RFP document details and incorporates, as far as possible, the tasks and responsibilities of the potential bidders required by Tekano for the provision of IT Needs Assessment Consultancy to Tekano. This document further outlines the criteria by which potential bidder’s proposals will be evaluated.


Tekano’s primary objective in issuing this RFP is to enter into agreement with a successful service provider who will achieve the following:
Conduct an assessment of Tekano’s current IT Status and IT needs which includes an evaluation of Tekano’s current IT systems, tools, software and platforms.
Compile a report of the assessment with recommendations.
Compile a comprehensive IT Strategy for Tekano which includes an implementation plan.
Further specifications outputs required of the successful bidder includes:
Identification of Tekano’s IT risks.
Proposal to mitigate IT Risks identified.
Proposal regarding the best option for provision of on-going IT support (outsource or in-source) based on the organisation’s objectives, capacity, and resources.
Ensure the organisation is compliant with regulatory and industry standards in terms of IT policies & and practice.
Development of adequate IT Policies and Procedures for the organisation.
Improved IT Security, including identifying any cybersecurity risk pertinent to Tekano
Improve IT Governance at Tekano.
Recommendations for creation of portals for different stakeholders (staff, fellows, Board, strategic partners) to access specific documents and materials without putting the organization to cyber risk
Recommendations for the best knowledge management tools/platforms

The following assessment criteria would be used to evaluate proposal.
Credentials of Management Team, including IT Certifications and vendor accreditations
Continuing professional experience
Track record & experience – I would suggest qualifying this i.e. in regard to IT Organisational Assessments and IT Strategy Formulation and IT Change Management
Previous experience in NGO sector
Ability to meet the company requirements
3 contactable references where a similar IT Consultancy Service was provided to a similar size or larger organisation.
Tekano reserves the right not to accept any proposal and/or proposal with the lowest price and will not be liable for any cost incurred in the preparation of the proposal.
Tekano will invite bidders for an oral interview/ presentation prior to the approval of a proposal; however, Tekano will not be liable for the costs incurred by the bidder in connection with such interview or presentation.
Tekano will keep the contents of the application strictly confidential.

The information/data provided in this document, together with any subsequent issue of addenda of information/data is given in good faith for guidance of applicants. No warranties or representations are given regarding accuracy or completeness of such information.


To be considered responsive, a proposal must be completed in English on Appendix 1: TEKANO Request for Proposal Application Form
Elements to the proposal include:
A brief description of your traceable work history and experience
A description of your organisation’s profile, what areas you will cover for the consultancy, your cost proposal, quality assurance, risk mitigation, any partner involvement and other relevant information
Provision of copies of company registration, professional certifications or other credentials; and if applicable, certificate of good standing and qualified to conduct business in South Africa. Any other relevant supporting documentation for the application as the bidder seems useful
All proposals should be submitted by email to [email protected]

Application deadline: 31 AUGUST 2021 at 17h00 South African Standard Time.

Please ensure the subject line states “IT NEEDS ASSESSMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES”.

Late submissions will not be considered, and only selected applicants will be contacted and/or advised of the outcome.