Invitation for public comments on WASCO Application for Tariffs Adjustment for 2019/20


A. Introduction

The Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) informs the Urban Water and Sewerage  Services (UWSS) stakeholders and the general public that, the Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) has filed a Tariff Application for a review of water and sewerage services for the Financial Year  2019/20. This Application is in line with Section 24(3) of the LEA of Act 2002, as amended. WASCO holds a Composite Licence issued in terms of Section 50 of the Lesotho Electricity Authority Act no. 12 of 2002 (LEA Act), as amended.

B. The Application and Tariff drivers that WASCO cites therein:

On the 16 May 2019, WASCO submitted a Tariff adjustment Application of 8.5% on Volumetric and Standing Charges for all customer categories. WASCO further proposes an introduction of M10.00 standing charge per month for customers in Band A. The Company proposed a Revenue Requirement of M279.04 million which comprised M246.25 million for water services and M32.79 million for sewerage services.

Table 1: WASCO’s projected operating costs

ItemProjected costs
ManpowerM123.85 million
PowerM33.96 million
ChemicalM10.65 million
MaintenanceM33.53 million
TransportM15.26 million
DepreciationM25 million

C. Invitation to public hearings

In accordance with Section 24(6) of the Act, as amended the UWSS stakeholders and the general public are invited to participate at public hearing sessions, scheduled below:

Table 2: Public Hearings’ Schedule

08 May 2019Butha-Buthe: Crocodile Inn Hotel09:00 am
09 May 2019Leribe, Hlotse: Mountain View Hotel09:00 am
15 May 2019Mokhotlong: Mokhotlong Hotel09:00 am
16 May 2019Thaba-Tseka: Mohale-oa-Masite Hotel09:00 am
21 May 2019Qacha’s Nek: New Central Hotel09:00 am
22 May 2019Quthing: Fuleng Guest House09:00 am
23 May 2019Mohale’s Hoek: Hotel Mount Maluti09:00 am
07 June 2019Maseru: Victory Hall (Mojalefa Lephole Convention Centre)09:00 am

Copies of the Application can be obtained from LEWA offices in Maseru, Moposo House, Level 7. Alternatively, copies may be downloaded from the Authority’s website at Stakeholders who are in the districts may access copies of the Application from the District Administrators’ offices as from 03 May 2019.

D. Invitation for public comments

In accordance with Section 24(6) of the Act, stakeholders and the general public are invited to make and forward their comments and inputs on the Application for consideration before LEWA makes a final determination. Interested people who wish to present their views before the LEWA Board, at public hearing meetings are requested to indicate so in writing when submitting their comments. The deadline for receiving written comments is Friday 31st May 2019 at 17:00.

Comments or enquiries may be sent to:

The Manager
Economic Regulation Department LEWA 7th Floor Moposo House, Maseru P/Bag A315 MaseruEmail: [email protected]   Or [email protected] Tel:  22 312479 Fax: 22 315094