Institutional Contractor

  1. Background and Justification

In an effort to reach 80% coverage of antignes at district level,  UNICEF through the GAVI alliance is supporting the Ministry of Health increase and sustain coverage of vaccinnations in 5 distrcits with highest numbers of unimmunized children and low performance in DPT3, MCV1 and MCV 2 (Leribe, Berea, Botha-Bothe, Quthing and Maseru). The consultancy is for a multi-media company that will engage 1400 care-givers of children 0-24 months utilizing digital platforms (i.e. whatsapp groups, reminder apps, sms etc) to increase adherence to routine immunization, adherence to and completeness of vaccine schedule. The  These digital platforms will also address parental barriers to vaccination, address issues of tracking missed/unvaccinated children, missing due dates and to increase awareness on importance of vaccines. They will educate parents and answer their concerns about vaccines, involve their peers/families and encourage exchange of experiences and over-come vaccine fears and myths and to form a convenient child personal health record.


The purpose of the consultancy  is for a local multi-media institution / company to develop messaging on vaccines and related safety and initiate them utilizing digital platforms such as reminder apps, SMS, WhatsApp messaging (short videos and voice notes) targeting 1400 care-givers of children 0-24 months in 5 districts and tracking them over a period of 9 months to ensure they receive MCV 1 and MCV 2.

  1. Specific Activities and Tasks:
  2. Work with Ministry of Health in the 5 districts to register 1400 caregivers of children 0-24 months who will be the primary targets of the assignment.
  3. Undertake a targeted KAP assessment of the 1400 caregivers with regard to knowledge and barriers on vaccinating children. The same exercise will also assess their capacity to use the digital platforms and commitment to be followed up. The exercise will also assess the capacity and willingness of health-centre staff in the 5 districts and village health workers to be trained on these technologies and to take-over from consultancy.
  4. Register and maintain a database of the 1400 caregivers to be targeted (phone-numbers).
  5. Develop the messaging and package them into reminder apps, short videos for WhatsApp and SMS and pre-test.
  6. Train health centre-staff and village health workers on how to use digital platforms to initiate messages.
  7. Produce quarterly reports showing change in behaviour and a final assessment report after 9 months. 
  8. Review the structure of the documents and suggest changes for UNICEF clearance
  9. Submit all graphics related to the work for use in PowerPoint presentation by the office etc. 
  10. Desired profile and Application

Experience:Minimum 8 years of experience in the field of behaviour change communication or similar assignments. Knowledge of local culture and country

Competencies: Good planning and organization, good communication, working well with people and drive for results.

Language: the institution’s personnel employed in the field must be fluent in both Sesotho and English languages.