Inspire Mentorship Program – Last Call To Nation Builders!


The Inspire Mentorship Program is currently accepting mentee applications for their 2021 cohort. We urge applicable parties who seek to develop their career development planning and skills whilst gaining access to an extensive network to apply.

The aim of the Program is to build a community of highly skilled professionals that are able to transform the environments they work, operate and live in. We aim to build a network of professionals that can learn from each other, collaborate with one another as well as sponsor, invest and partners in work, initiatives and other projects. If this sounds like a program to you. Through guiding young professionals through this initiative with the assistance of seasoned professionals as mentors, we are one step closer to this aim.

Young professionals who meet the mentee applicant criteria are welcome to apply or express their interest via this form.

Applications close 15th February at 11:59pm.