If You Rake You Gather Grass, But Through Digging Up The Ground You Find Diamonds

By Teboho Polanka

heap of grass

You see in this life we can honestly say that every monkey must sweat. If you want to live like a king, it has been said that you must work like a slave. I know a great majority of people are familiar with these words; such that their thundering truth is no longer heard.

I remember back in 2010 when we the Geography class took a trip to Lets’eng Diamonds Mine. When we got there it was evident that whatever was sought after required a lot of laboring to secure.

Large machines were moving all around us and a very deep open cast could be seen from a distance. Now isn’t it interesting that a lot of people only know of the diamonds after they’ve been cleansed and ready for selling? The process it takes to bring those diamonds is oft-repeated time overlooked.

The moral is this: it takes a lot of time and effort to have diamonds before our eyes and to make us richer than when we’re without them.

Yet most people would rather prefer to spend their lives raking. One thing is for sure raking only helps us gather grass. And anybody understands that grass is worthless.

Without a determination to see things changing, nothing will change. Looking at our present case of unemployment, it is evident that if we continue raking- looking for posts- we’re never breaking free from it.

Our present world needs people who can create jobs not look for jobs. Why have we gone to school? If it all was so that we are employed, then education has become obsolete. We need to find ways of innovatively creating jobs and developing ourselves and ultimately our nation.

Believe me it’ll cost your life of ease and complacency to get that future you so desperately desire. You’ll need to break free from the ground mentality. A lot of us are just following the crowd, we know we hate the present reality but we keep raking.