Ichiban Crafts Is the New Go-To For Cultural Accessories with a Twist


Everyone can agree that accessories can make or break an outfit. Other people suggest a minimalistic approach when choosing the right accessories but others say maximalism is the way to go. What if I told you that there is an in-between; an actual approach that will suit your style?

Everyone loves their heritage and it would be great to have an accessory that is the perfect combination of culture and modern glam – particularly one that is made to suit your taste alone. Before you get to your search, allay your fears and allow me to introduce you to ICHIBAN CRAFTS – the new go to for cultural accessories with a modern twist.


The business is renowned for the creation of custom accessories for all customers. In celebration of the Basotho culture, Ichiban Crafts creates Seshoeshoe inspired accessories with a modern twist.

The signature products include handbags, earrings, sweaters, shoes, headbands, brooches, pencil holders and more. All of the mentioned products are carefully designed to not only suit the customer’s taste but to make him/her feel confident as well.

The idea is to remove blandness from an outfit and what better way to do that than by having a custom made Seshoeshoe accessory as the cherry on top of all your outfits?


The great thing about living in the 21st century is that there is no such thing as being too far from a product. Ichiban Crafts takes orders using their official Facebook platform called ‘Ichiban Crafts’.

The reason for this to allow flexibility and prompt growth by staying in close contact with the customer. In case you are looking for a physical shop, you can get Ichiban Products at CURA INDUSTRY HOME located at Pioneer Mall. You can also find the products at the Moshoeshoe II Airport.


Have you ever walked into a store and seen three or four people dressed like you? We all have, and we can agree that it is the worst feeling.  Shopping at Ichiban will help reduce the stress of picking clothes because you will know that no one will look like you.

Here is why you should get your accessories at from Ichiban;

  • You have a say in how your product looks like,
  • The products are cheap,
  • The products celebrate Basotho culture,
  • You never have to worry about looking like anyone else!


Mpho Machona

Miss Mpho Machona is a 29-year old female leaving in Mazenod. She attended school at Leribe English Medium High School and attained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Development Studies at the National University of Lesotho.

She started crafting at a young age because her aunt was a tailor. Her eyes as a young child always lit up when she saw the life that her aunt brought to fabrics.

In her own words, “For me, it was the passion I saw in my aunt that forged my way into crafting. I loved how hands could transform a piece of nothing into a work of art.”

Today, Mpho uses that love to run her business and aspires to see it grow into a cloth manufacturing masterpiece and have more channels of distribution for their accessories.

Below is a sneak peak into the ICHIBAN CRAFTS CATALOG;


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