IBM helps Afrilennials prepare for the future of work with IBM Digital – Nation Africa


The advancement of technology in Africa, continues to change and shape the continent. Whilst the region has made significant progress in the adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), much still needs to be addressed to ensure that the youth of Africa can benefit from this development.

The fourth industrial revolution has the potential of providing the continent with a very positive future. There is an opportunity to release the potential of its vast human capacity.

There are two key priorities in order to realise the continent’s potential in ICT; the first is to ensure that the existing companies and organisations have access to a suitably qualified and skilled labour force; the second is for the governments and entrepreneurs to work together to tap into the innovative potential of the youth of Africa.

This challenge and opportunity were some of the major reasons why IBM developed a free for all digital learning and enablement platform, the IBM Digital – Nation Africa.

Each of the economies in Africa needs to embrace the new digital world and in order to do this they need both skilled people and innovative ideas. The IBM Digital – Nation platform is not designed to replace either formal education or the various in-depth learning platforms, it is intended to be an easy to use catalyst to both digital learning and innovation.

Through the three distinct learning and enablement journeys, users can gain a quick understanding of key technologies which are powering the digital world, understand how to effectively develop an idea through to a product, and enhance their technical skills to better align, through the use of IBM’s Artificial Intelligence engine, Watson, with the current needs of the job market.

In essence, IBM Digital – Nation is all about giving African youth the skills, knowledge and means to improve their future and that of their communities.

For African countries to compete with other nations globally, the market requires a more holistic approach that cuts across the entire value chain. The government and the private sector need to work together to realise the benefits of technological advancement in Africa. Now is the opportune time to train young Africans in digital skills, to ensure an inclusive economic growth.

As new technologies continue to emerge and change the way we work, many new and exciting opportunities will be created for those with digital tech skills. We are inviting you to enhance your digital knowledge and secure a future by registering for free at