Human Activities Primarily Responsible for Climate Change

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

With the ongoing battle against climate change, identifying the root of the problem is mandatory. The unfortunate assertion, bolstered by scientific research is that its very victims (humans) are major contributors to this global challenge.

Defined as the long-term abnormal variations in the expected average weather patterns over a significant period of time, climate change is a direct dire consequence of modern civilization. It is an after effect which results from changes in land use and land cover and engagements in combustion of fossil fuels e.g. coal.

The human need for economic growth and urbanization makes industrialization a prerogative thus burning of fossil fuels results. These are used to subsidize electricity generation, transport services and manufacturing for which there’s a high demand hence an equally high supply.

Regrettably, emissions emanating from these combustions cause an increase in greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) concentration in the atmosphere.

Vegetation particularly trees play an integral role in curbing climate change by using the carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and storing carbon in themselves and in soil and then releasing oxygen.

However, in a bid to meet urbanization demands, deforestation occurs and afforestation plans fall in between the cracks therefore not being implemented at the same rate as chopping down of trees.

For this reason, the gases remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years before being removed by natural processes and their warming influence is projected to persist into the next century. This then goes on to affect water resources as they run dry and drought season hits leading to poverty.

Again in the midst of urbanization and manufacturing solid waste accumulation and its management becomes a major issue. Ideally, it would only be addressed by implementation of 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and landfilling.

On the contrary, more people are drawn to incineration which drives the greenhouse gases emissions higher thereby amplifying the problem.

If a solution towards climate change is to be bred and sustainable, it needs to be fully human driven for we remain the root of the problem and at whose hands, change rests.