How Writers Can Earn Well During COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest Post by Parvesh

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a wave of unprecedented disturbances that has engulfed the whole world. The pandemic, with its severe effects, has crippled the gig economy contractors. It is posing fresh challenges for all sections of the society, especially the writers

Writers need to formulate productive strategies to prevent their businesses from degrading in this crisis. Working remotely or freelancing combats the negative economic attributes of the virus. But the economic uncertainty still flaps its wings everywhere, making the writers struggle due to the limited opportunities.

Writers should grab the paid writing opportunities proposed by various organizations. This will help them battle the monetary aspects of the infectious wave of the epidemic. If you are a writer, then you should observe the following tips to amplify your earnings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compose Coronavirus-inspired Pitches 

As we all know, all eyes and ears are on the coronavirus subject. So, writers need to clasp this opportunity and ideate content keeping the epidemic in mind. This would help them in securing work by writing quality content related to the pandemic. The writers can fabricate material on various topics concerned with the virus such as the following –

  • Ways to arm your immune system against the coronavirus.
  • Indoor activities to prevent the virus from spreading.
  • Shows to binge-watch in your houses during the epidemic.
  • Recipes to cook and satisfy your hunger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating Content not Associated With COVID-19

There are many organizations and people whose content requirements pertain to topics which are unrelated to the virus. Writers can reap the benefit of this situation. They can formulate content on different themes that are not associated with the infection. Thus, they can secure work and gain elevated revenues.

Discover The Corporate Clients’ Content Cravings

During this pandemic period, corporate and private companies scramble for content requirements. They need content about the impact of the novel coronavirus on customers and the business. The freelancers linked with such corporate clients are getting work even in these bothersome times. Therefore, you can explore and search for such clients on apps like LinkedIn.

Scan For Content Writing Opportunities On Platforms Like ClearVoice

You can create your ClearVoice account and search for various content writing opportunities. One chance would lead to two, two into four, and so on, thus resulting in increasing your business.

Reap The Benefits Of The Medium’s Paywall 

Paywall is one of the very few applications that help you write your content the way you like. You can reap the benefit of the Medium’s paid program. This assists you to earn money which is equivalent to a full-time job in America.

Disseminate Your E-book

You can utilize this time at your home to make a comprehensive e-book. This would help you to generate dollars in just a month. You can direct your talents and skills to formulate this e-book. Lead your content marketing strategies and techniques to entice a greater target audience towards your book. You can quickly sell your e-book by creating a website on Squarespace and generate millions of dollars by your skills.

Initiate A Newsletter Like Substack

Substack is a social newsletter that gives you a massive pay-off. It is one of the best options to earn money during these hard-pressed times. In these times, the economic conditions of the countries are deteriorating continuously. The high pay-off proffered to you by this service would compensate for the tremendous efforts you put in.

Provide Remote Services Related To Content Writing 

Many people want to learn the art of content writing while dwelling at home. You could offer remote services like editing, consulting, and teaching the art of content writing to such people.

This would not only refine your skills but also help another individual to enter the threshold of this business. You should always scan for opportunities. Financially-stable people are curious and are ready to invest in learning new attributes.

How to Augment Your Writing Assignments During The Pandemic

An increased number of assignments would assist you in being busy and amplifying your revenues as well. By pursuing the given tips, you could augment your writing assignment base and earn well during this aggravating period.

Articulate Regularly With Your Clients

Regular communication with your past and present clients may inflate your chances to obtain new assignments. You can cordially notify them that you are available for the quick turnaround projects. This may lead you to acquire new assignments and earn high revenues.

Post Regularly On Social Media And Blogs

Posting quality content on social media and blogs intensifies your chances of receiving more projects. When you are idle, you can beef up your content, which would lure the audience to come up to you and procure your services.

Accept Quick Turnarounds

A content writer should possess flexibility. He or she should be open to quick turnarounds whenever such an opportunity arrives. Your flexibility would aid you in acquiring a large number of assignments whenever required. This would also improve your image.

Revamp Your Information

Revising your profile on LinkedIn and your portfolio will help you achieve more jobs. The more stories you share, the more clients will learn about your writing background’s depth and breadth. This may act as an incentive for them to add you to their team.

Final Thoughts

Writing is a great hobby, but earning from this job is a daunting task in these difficult times. You could follow the tips mentioned above to shrink the economic downturns posed by the virus.

The writers must use this time as a recourse to enrich their skills and talents. They should create monetizable content to earn massive revenues and increase their credibility. This would undoubtedly aid in enhancing their profession in the long run. So, let us know which of the tips and tricks you will implement in your writing career in the comments section below!

Parvesh is a digital marketing and online reputation management specialist who frequently writes about related topics.