How to Navigate the World of Work

Photo by Sara Rolin on Unsplash

Today, trying to look for the job of your qualifications may not be a very smart pursuit. Many career experts have often agreed that, the idea of a “perfect job” is mythical.

Like many of us, I have heard of “dream jobs.” Haven’t you? Well, I don’t think I ever came across someone who has found one such job. At least not in our day.

Could success in the job market be a matter of luck then? Or could there be something that succeeding job seekers found out that remains unknown to the rest? Even better, how smart should you be to succeed in the job market today?

To complicate things more, the fourth industrial revolution is here. So it would appear that now we have much to prepare for. We’ve previously talked about the future of work, now we must turn to how we ought to prepare for the future of work.

Successful job seekers can all agree that they’ve had to take what came their way and then eventually found a way of growing. Even those who are high on the corporate ladder, have had to begin at a much lower level. The very place that a great number of the economically inactive or “unemployed” would readily scorn.

Eventually finding your place in the world of work requires hard work. Recently, someone said, “the largest crowd you’ll ever lead is yourself.” That’s true in the world of work.

“It’s not an easy process, and it involves a lot of self-awareness and both internal and external work. Internally, through contemplation about what you want from work and what values matter to you through research about haw various roles and industries line up with those values.” – Kathryn Minshew: How to navigate the new world of work

To then fast-tract your success, we can’t emphasize enough the power of networking. The most involved people are most successful in this sphere.

People need people, because people know opportunities. So forging networks is a non-negotiable. We dealt in detail about the power of networking in Get Involved: The More People You Know, The Better Chances of Making Helpful Connections

 Google search will not help much. But reaching out to people can and will quicken your job hunt success.