How To Map Out a Successful Job Search Plan – A Five Step Guide

By Relebohile Sera


Job searching is WORK, and work that needs to be dealt with everyday if your goal is to get that job you want. The process can be devastating but having a plan in place can make it easier for you.

You don’t just wake up one day and decide to go out and look for a job without putting any preparations in place. Appropriate planning will make the course of action more organized and, as a result, more successful.

What then is a job search plan? Before you go out searching for a job there are steps you have to take in order to be successful in your job search. A job search plan is a detailed map of how you are going to carry out each and every process, to a letter, to achieve your set goal.

Having a job search plan in place helps you to reserve your efforts effectively, stay organized, save time, keep track of your activity, and reach your targets. If you follow your plan faithfully, you should get your preferred job in no time.

Below are the steps to take to guarantee that you map out a successful job search plan:

Find Out About Jobs

Figure out what you exactly want to do so that whatever course of action you take is in line with that. Know which fields or industries you are interested in, and the types of positions you are suitable for.

But also ensure you know what kinds of job opportunities are available in your region, what skills or qualifications those jobs require and how they match your own, and what organizations have the jobs you are looking for.

Set Measurable Goals

The best goals will go unfulfilled if you don’t act upon them. A great way to ensure action is to set goals and strategies. Be specific, belligerent, and proactive and be holistic on this part of the plan. When setting out your goals, use detailed strategies which include measurements, timelines and deadlines.

Set weekly goals for yourself: the number of applications to send out, the number of company websites to check out, etc. This will help you to stay motivated and a feeling of achievement once you achieve a set goal. This allows you to hold yourself accountable so be very specific about exactly what you need.

Get the Right Skill Set

Start looking at the job descriptions of posts you wish to fill and go through the job description. Do you match the job description? Do you have the desired experience or suited qualifications? Do you have the skills outlined in the job description?

You may find that you lack some of the skills, certifications or education needed to get hired. Don’t be discouraged, it’s not the end of the world! Self-paced online courses can help you get that course or certification you need.

Or even just a self-study program where you’re thoroughly researching things online or reading up on new trends. And may we not forget this also, there’s a YouTube video for everything lately. You can use those for skill-building as well.

Tailor Your CV and Cover Letter

Tailor your CV and cover letter for each position you apply for. You decrease your chances of job-search success when you use one CV and cover letter for every position you apply for. You can read about this in detail here!

Review and update them accordingly to ensure that they match the job description before you apply for a job. Job descriptions have keywords and add those keywords to your CV and cover letter where they make sense and apply.

Practising Interview Techniques

Even though you haven’t been granted an interview yet, you need to be prepared always. Go through some of the common interview questions and practice as much as you can. This way when you are eventually called in for an interview you feel confident and ready to impress.

For whatever success you wish to attain, lack of preparation and planning will leave you worse off than you initially were. Prepare accordingly and see yourself getting your dream job.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin.


Relebohile Sera (Ms) is a Professional Certified Career Coach. My mission in life is to help people be successful in their careers and to provide coaching for those seeking a new career direction.