How Bilingualism Increases Job Prospects

Guest Post By Ashly Williams


Stiff competition in the current job market makes it essential to have a special skill to give you an edge. A wonderful idea is including knowledge of a second language in your resume. Learning a foreign language in class is a great idea.

However, take the plunge to visit the country of origin as an exchange student to make you more proficient in the language. Living amidst people who are native speakers gives you more room for practice and understanding the nuances of the language.

By the time you get back to your home country, you are likely to speak the language at a native level. Including the second language will significantly boost your resume. Increasing globalization has introduced multicultural work environments with staff and customers from various backgrounds. Below is how bilingualism will come in handy in the job market.

Higher employability

A lot of business today happens online with various companies serving a global market. Hiring bilingual staff is a great asset to businesses today. This allows communicating with more customers to increase the chances of generating more sales. Whenever you see a job opening, knowledge of a second language increases your chances of being hired apart from experience and education.

At this moment, you will high school summer travel abroad programs . These come in to give high school students a chance to experience life abroad. This allows immersion in a new culture and honing your skill in a foreign language. A resume stating your knowledge of a second language makes a stellar impression. This makes you stand out and increases the chances of attracting special consideration throughout the interview process.

More earning potential

Apart from regular tasks in the job description, taking on translation or interpreting makes you earn more money. Bilingual people have a base earning rate of about 5 to 20 percent hourly compared to other positions. You are likely to earn higher pay for being a strong asset in the organization. Whenever a person comes speaking your second language, you are the lifesaver in the company.

Extra job opportunities

When not earning enough at your current job, switching positions or careers is a possible solution. There are various opportunities for people who speak a second language. You can become a language teacher, interpreter, translator, or tour guide. Alternatively, you can keep your regular job and take on freelancing online in your free time. This opens up more opportunities to make more money from knowing a second language.

Boosts creativity

Speaking two languages makes you smarter and to think more creatively compared to people knowing only one language. Bilingualism enhances problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Your mind improves significantly especially when you learn the second language when young and your mind is still malleable.

However, choice of language matters since some languages are highly coveted in the market including Spanish, Chinese, German, sing language and French. This gives you more edge in the workplace making it easy to get a promotion or switch careers.

Enhances brain power

Apart from monetary gains, bilingualism puts you in a position to offer something unique to the business world. This significantly makes you smarter. Speaking with people from various backgrounds has a profound effect on the brain. It enhances non-language related cognitive skills while lessening the chances of dementia on getting old. 

Bilingual people usually have all language systems activated even when speaking one of the languages. It makes the brain become used to working through conflict for enhanced power. Employers find bilinguals good at problem solving. This significantly boosts productivity at work.

Building a network

Bilingualism opens up social opportunities. Speaking a foreign language allows interacting with a range of people. This allows understanding the nuances of their language. You have better chances of building professional networks. Additionally, you are in a better position to explore other hobbies, make friends, and understand foreign film, music, and literature better.

Wrapping up

There is no better way to learn a second language than during high school. At this moment, your brain easily adjusts to new situations and information. This makes learning a foreign language easier. A better way to become better in a foreign language is from the native country. Fortunately, you can become an exchange student and get to the native country of your favorite foreign language. You will have countless moments to practice the language and to learn its nuances.