Hiring of Technical Evaluation Panel Members



City LocalityMaseru
Project NameLesotho Compact II Development Program
Procurement TitleHiring of Technical Evaluation Panel Members
Procurement Ref. NumberLMDA/CD/C/02/2020
Procurement Ref. Number as per Procurement Plan# 6
Type of Procurement (goods, works or services as applicable)Consulting Services
BuyerLesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA)
Publication DateSeptember 01, 2020
Notice Deadline1500 hours local Lesotho time on September 10, 2020
  1. The United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation(“MCC”) and the Government of Lesotho (“GoL”) have entered into a Grant and Implementation Agreement to support the development and facilitation of Compact. The grant is in the amount of approximately Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand U.S. Dollars ($9,740,000) (“MCC Funding”). The Government, acting through Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “MCA Entity”), intends to apply a portion of the MCC Funding to eligible payments under a contract for which this Request for Expressions of Interest (“REOI”) is issued. Any payments made by the MCA Entity under the proposed contract will be subject, in all respects, to the terms and conditions of the Compact Development and Implementation Agreement and related documents, including restrictions on the use and distribution of MCC Funding. No party other than the Government and the MCA Entity shall derive any rights from the proposed Compact or have any claim to the proceeds of MCC Funding. The proposed Compact and its related documents can be found on the MCC website (www.mcc.gov) and on the website of the MCA Entity (www.lmda.org.ls).
  • The Lesotho Compact II Development program main goal is to reduce poverty   through inclusive economic growth. The identified binding constraints to inclusive economic growth and increased private sector investments in Lesotho are: Ineffective policy planning, coordination and execution.
  • In an effort to address these constraints, the proposed Lesotho Compact II Development will focus on the following consulting assignments during the preparatory Phase:
  1. Capacity Assessment for Gender Integration;
    1. Develop Site-Specific proposals for community and investor partnership in horticulture;
    2. Rural Land Registration Study;
    3. Short Term Technical Assistance (STTA) Consultants.
    4. other relevant consulting services assignments.
  • The assignments stated in 3 above are expected to be evaluated between September 2020 and January 2021.
  • Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA)now invites sealed Requests for Expressions of Interest from eligible Individual Consultants to provide the consultancy services as detailed in the terms of reference.
  • Selection of Individual Consultants will be conducted through the Individual Consultants Selection  (ICS), the evaluation procedure for which is described in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines as amended on May 8, 2020, which is provided on the MCC website www.mcc.gov/ppg LMDA shall evaluate the CVs based on qualifications and experience and negotiate with the qualifying candidates for framework agreements.
  • The final contract duration of each TEP member will be dependent on the number of proposals received for each assignment and shall be agreed upon by each TEP member and LMDA within seven (7) calendar days following the deadline of the submission of proposals for that particular assignment.
  • Through this solicitation, a long-list of identified candidates for the panels will be created, and framework agreements will be set up, with no commitment for any contract or any payment. The contract will be signed with the panelists from this short-list at the time of evaluation depending upon the availability, interest, and fee of the individual consultant.
  • The initial estimate for the contract duration is 10 calendar days depending on the number of submissions received.
  1. The assignment shall require full-time engagement of 8 hours per day.
  2. The Letter of Invitation can be downloaded from this link: http://www.lmda.org.ls/compact-ii/ or it may be requested by email from the contacts provided in paragraph 15, below.
  3. Submission sent by email will not be accepted. The link for guidance on how to upload submission is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T65MjmdkXfKbyND7knPqOAGJlLbQmjap/view?usp=sharing
  4. The Expressions of Interest and CVs/Qualifications must be submitted together with the standard forms provided here http://www.lmda.org.ls/compact-ii/
  5. Submissions must be made electronically by September 10, 2020, 1500 hours (local Lesotho time) using the following links for submission:
Land Specialisthttps://ln2.sync.com/dl/88d740530#6ych2ctj-ebb5a7r9-f3396726-x4a3zi3q
Procurement Specialisthttps://ln2.sync.com/dl/e1cc83ac0#hq7qff7a-mrycgce2-w7imq97t-sz8sj8tb
Asset/Investment Fund Managerhttps://ln2.sync.com/dl/974e5ff20#msifbyq9-xexb2q44-swch3grm-nkfvfvbh
Gender Specialisthttps://ln2.sync.com/dl/a86264610#nrcmnr66-suvc5q84-aimanzv3-7jfenwyq
Transaction Advisorhttps://ln2.sync.com/dl/d5ab7b9a0#553a7tx5-s4y7zk3n-4i7zksts-uhesjrw8
  1. Contact Information:
Attn: ‘Malebohang ‘Mou Interim Procurement Director
Tel: +266 2231 7017
Fax: +266 223 115 16
E-mail:[email protected], and with a copy to: [email protected][email protected]