Here’s all you need to know about The Startup World Cup Lesotho Regional Competition

Originally published by Startup World Cup Lesotho

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

1. What is SWC ?

Start-up World Cup (SWC) is the biggest global start-up competition and conference that is dedicated to launching and advising the world’s next wave of leading entrepreneurs.

2. What is SWC Lesotho?

This is a Lesotho regional competition for the SWC, brought to you by Pegasus Tech Ventures and for the very first time in Lesotho through partnership with Basali Tech to select the best start-up in Lesotho to pitch at the SWC Finale in San Francisco in May 2020

3. How does it work ?

You look for a regional competition in your area, in this case, Lesotho (applications are already open). You read the instructions and apply on the website. There is a presentation template to download and use for submission. Our selection team will then select the top 10 start-ups to pitch at the Lesotho Regional Competition where a winner will be selected.

4. Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone with a start-up in Lesotho is eligible to apply for the SWC Lesotho Regional, it does not have to be technology based

5. What do I get for winning the SWC Lesotho regional competition?

  • You get to represent Lesotho and attend the SWC Finale in San Francisco, May 2020
  • You get a chance to compete for the $1,000,000 grand prize
  • You get a chance to pitch your idea in front of 2500+ participants and investors among many others

6. Important Dates

Submission Deadline – 31 January 2020 : Online
Top 10 Announcement – 28 February 2020 : Online
Lesotho Regional Competition – 28 March 2020 : Venue To be announced
SWC Finale – May 2020 : San Francisco