Here are the official fuel price adjustments for May 2020

Photo by Juan Fernandez on Unsplash

The Petroleum Fund of Lesotho has published the fuel price adjustment that will come into effect today.

The pump prices of  both grades of petrol (petrol 93 and petrol 95) will be decreased by one Loti and ten(M1.10) lisente per litre, the pump price of diesel 50 will be decreased by one Loti and eighty (M1.80) lisente per litre, the wholesale price of the illuminating paraffin will also be decreased by one Loti and ninety five (M1.95) lisente per litre. 

The new Retail Prices for all the districts of Lesotho shall be as follows:

Petrol 93                                   M 8.20 per litre

Petrol 95                                   M 8.30 per litre

Diesel 50                                   M 9.10 per litre

Domestic Paraffin (Wholesale)   M   3.90 per litre

The price drops are attributable to the lower cost of international petroleum products, which were significantly impacted by oil price weakness on the back of a global market downturn due to the coronavirus outbreak.

International product prices for petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin all decreased during the period under review.


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