Google career certificate in cybersecurity Scholarships for Africans

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Google is launching an online Cybersecurity Certificate on Coursera for Sub-Saharan Africa to address the region’s cybersecurity skills gap. With 2,000 scholarships, the course will boost digital transformation and economic growth by equipping learners with in-demand tech skills.
Google is committed to helping strengthen cybersecurity in Africa by sharing our expertise and expanding access to cybersecurity careers for more people.
Google is announcing a new Google Career Certificate available online on Coursera, which prepares learners for new careers in the high-growth field of cybersecurity. This new certificate provides Africans the opportunity to gain skills in this highly sought after tech field.
The cybersecurity certificate will teach learners how to identify common risks, threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the techniques to mitigate them. They also will gain hands-on experience using Python, Linux, SQL and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools.
Google is providing 2,000 scholarships in conjunction with distribution partners – ICT Authority in Kenya, The Roothub in Nigeria, and RLabs in South Africa – all of which have strong workforce development programs to reach learners, provide them access to the Cybersecurity certificate, and support them through their learning journey.
These low-cost programs help people who want to learn online at their own pace, or who may want to change careers and don’t have the time or means to access traditional education. They can be completed in under six months and do not require relevant experience or a degree. The certificates are product agnostic and are designed to help people prepare for jobs at any company or sector.
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