Going for an interview? Present, present, and present!

By Nvulane Nhlapo (@NvulaneNhlapo)

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

My number one tip for nailing a job interview is to be prepared to present. Make a presentation. I’m aware it means the same thing. However, let’s break it down.

Half the questions will test your presentation skills

If you take this advice and run with it, you’ll make a lasting positive impression. The very first question is normally for you to share about yourself. The interviewer already knows who you are. They even have files to prove it.

Why do they have to ask? To test your presentation skills. This is the time to show off your presentation skills. Present on a subject that’s familiar to you; you.

Beam up. Show confidence. Present and if you have extra material as visual aids, then it’s your chance to show them. Most candidates take this chance very lightly, however it weighs in heavily and sets a competitive edge if one uses it fully.

How you present yourself matters

The reason you’re advised to put on your best professional formal attire is for your to present yourself fitting in the eyes of the hiring manager.

In our business environment, some interviews are explicitly conducted in English. This emphasizes our first point. Even if the interviewer doesn’t explicitly conduct the session in English, it’s advisable to present in English. Strive to find the best way to present yourself to your potential employer.


Present your credentials

You can show off all your accolades on your CV. Even attach copies to prove it. Sadly the interviewer will ask questions that draw back to your qualifications. This is the moment to be confident and show up what you’re made of.

If you don’t take yourself seriously then it’ll show right here. If you have a second class, second division on your transcript, it’s time you tell the employer in details about the trainings you attended and the extensive experience you have to take the job. Be prepared to deliver in such a way that the interviewer will have no doubt in you as a candidate.


Show up early for your interview. Be positive. Be confident but not cocky. Prepare a question or two to ask at the end of the interview. Questions you bring also have a bearing on your presentation.