Social Worker


    Social workers provide appropriate advice, support and resources to individuals who are experiencing personal difficulties to help them overcome their problems.

    They maintain professional relationships with people, acting as guides and advocates. They sometimes need to use their professional judgment to make tough decisions that might not always be well received by those they are trying to help.

    Social workers work in a variety of settings within a framework of relevant legislation and procedures, supporting individuals, families and groups within the community. Settings may include homes or schools, hospitals or the premises of other public sector and voluntary organizations.

    Social workers tend to specialize in supporting either children and families, or vulnerable adults.



    • assessing, counselling and offering advice to clients
    • arranging appropriate care, resources or benefits
    • liaising with relatives, colleagues and other professionals
    • report writing
    • budgetary and managerial administration
    • attending or contributing towards court cases



    Social work is a graduate profession. This means you will have to at least obtain a BA undergraduate degree in social work.



    • patience and the ability to remain calm in a crisis;
    • resilience;
    • flexibility to adapt to new roles, tasks and situations;
    • initiative;
    • strong observation, analytical and listening skills;
    • the capacity to absorb legal and procedural information;
    • the ability to negotiate, mediate and interpret on behalf of service users;
    • good organizational skills to work autonomously and plan meetings for a caseload of clients.