The Global Shapers Maseru Hub pledges to raise funds for 100 child-headed households


The Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum consisting of a network of inspiring young people under the age of 33 who have a common vision of addressing local, regional and global challenges. The Community spans across 376 city-based hubs in 156 countries of which Lesotho(Maseru) established a hub that is a part of this community.

The Global Shapers Maseru Hub has a mission to engage in group activities that have a positive impact in our local community. It was established in 2012 and currently consists of 12 members. 

The social distancing and lockdown measures needed to suppress the spread of Covid-19, have exacerbated the socio-economic status of the vulnerable groups. It is therefore in this light that the Global Shapers Maseru Hub takes the call to action and pledges to raise M50,000 towards food for 100 child headed households. 15% of which will be a direct contribution from the Hub. 

The Hub’s vision through this initiative is to mobilise ordinary citizens to contribute and donate in any way possible to help provide relief to those vulnerable during this difficult time. We believe that this impediment cannot be the sole responsibility of a few, instead requires the collective effort of communities.