BasaliTech Encourages Acquiring Digital Skills


BasaliTech is a nonprofit in Lesotho that aims to equip youth and Basotho with Digital Skills and encourage young girls to participate in ICT/STEM. The nonprofit will commemorate Girls in ICT day (23rd April 2020) by hosting a session online and will use this as a platform to raise awareness on the importance of digital skills, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

They aim to upload videos recorded by Basotho dedicated to making a difference and sharing their knowledge. These will be relevant to males and females and these speakers will discuss various aspects of ICT, digital skills for everyone and encouraging diversity and inclusion to bridge the gender gap.

Part of the lineup for tomorrow is as below:

  1. 09:30 Setsoto Hlohlomi (Co-founder: BasaliTech) – Keynote on ICT and digital skills
  2. 10:00 Tokiso TKay Nthebe (Founder: TKO Consultancy) – Digital Financial Literacy
  3. 10:30 Lerato Mphaka (Executive Director: LM Foundation) – Girls in ICT
  4. 11:00 Tebello Thokoa (BasaliTech Trainee in Introduction to the internet and website development) – How the camp changed my life.

These videos will be uploaded to the social media pages below:
BasaliTech and @BasaliT.

We cannot deny that many people are without smart phones, and those that have entry level smart phones are not effectively connected to the internet to stream videos. BasaliTech will provide access to an article that will summarize in detail the agenda, so that people can read and learn about the activities for the day.

Looking forward to engaging you with the content to be shared and your valuable discussions and feedback.