General Notice to Ubarn Water and Sewerage Services Consumers on Disconnection of Services


The Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) would like to remind the urban water and sewerage services consumers that their services may be disconnected on two major grounds:

  • Where the customer owes WASCO fees ; and/or
  • Where tampering, non- adherence to standards or illegal connections had been observed.

Where the customer owes WASCO fees:

  • No disconnection should be effected until ten (10) working days have passed after the due date of the account;
  • Customers should be given two (2) days written notice prior to disconnection;
  • Disconnections should be carried out during morning hours, to allow for reconnections to be effected, if possible in the afternoon;
  • Disconnections should not be carried out over the weekends, public holidays or Fridays; and
  • Reconnections should be effected as promptly as possible, and not later than the first working day.

Where tampering, non-adherence to standards or illegal connections had been observed:

  • Disconnections are to be effected without notice after WASCO has been notified of an illegal act; and
  • Reconnections are to be made no later than two working days after all fees due have been paid and all the necessary repairs had been undertaken.

  All customers are further reminded that any person who undertakes a regulated activity without a licence is committing an offence.

For further information:

Tel: 22312479, Fax 22315094, E-mail [email protected]