How Freelancing Can Help Lesotho Graduates


Freelancing in Lesotho is not a cakewalk. But also, it’s not a surprise that Lesotho has a handful of freelancers. From writers to web developers. Photographers to graphic designers.

While it’s not easy to justify how much money a freelancer makes in Lesotho, or if they cop any clients. Freelancing, when done professionally and full-time can be rewarding. In this article we’ll get comfortable with the uncertainty and focus on how the locals can enjoy freelancing.


1. Don’t get it twisted

You don’t have to wait and start freelancing when life gets real on you. When you realize you’re turning into that unemployed miserable graduate. For those who begin freelancing early while in college it works wonders. They are often the first ones to establish connections and get that dream job. Even better, expand from their client base and establish a successful business. But no regrets, you just need to get started. Which leads to our second point.


2. Start your own thing

For those who are wise enough, starting your own thing while holding that contract with NMDS is a way to go. Stories of successful start-ups in Lesotho are mainly from varsity campuses. That is, while there is that ‘financial security’ from your sponsor. You need to gear up and get some side gigs running.

Write a blog and update it daily. Buy a camera and get started with photography. Print a high quality portfolio and be known. Be a guest blogger and have articles published under your name. Run a business and fail. The experience you garner from this activities will prove you a right candidate when a huge opportunity opens up.


3. Money for rent

The goal is the money. But how much does a graphic design gig pay in Lesotho? Peanuts? I’m not sure. But people complain about peanuts everywhere. Worse still, I have seen freelancers give away their work for free. I guess they don’t need that money for rent. While pricing is an issue for debate, make sure you are always paid for your work. That’s a benefit on its own. Make money while you’re doing best what you love the most. Free flowing money can accumulate better than a salary.


4. Opportunity for advancement

If you are hardworking, smart and have the knowledge and skills. Freelancing will quickly help you advance both professionally and financially. You will get better in writing proposals. Grow in learning the business jargon. Improve your email etiquette. Develop new skills. Or maybe get established as a thought-leader in your field. Freelancing offers great opportunities, a variety of activities and many rewards along the way.


5. A wide pool of clients

Freelancing opens you up to a wide pool of clients. Truth is, winning new clients can be difficult. But as long as you work hard to market yourself you shouldn’t have an issue. Remember, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back. I know a couple of freelancers who worked with clients from Cape-Town, Australia, Nigeria, USA and other countries. You are not limited to Lesotho. There are many websites which list easy to join and paying freelance jobs (which will be an article on its own).


If you want to make it big freelancing, make sure you have a CV that’s appealing and easily found online. Get yourself active on social media, especially on Twitter. Besides, ask your previous clients to recommend you. Either through a letter or by letting others know about your services.

Good luck in your freelancing. Leave a comment!

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