Foreign Exchange Consultant D


Job title: Foreign Exchange Consultant D

Company: FirstRand Group

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To capture and process outward-bound Foreign exchange transactions in line with ACI operations guidelines and RMB’s standards, policies and procedures.

experience and qualifications

  • Diploma in Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a banking environment.
  • Immense Knowledge of Transactional banking and its related products.
  • Knowledge of Organisational software (Hogan, web Enquiries, Quartz, Bankers Almanac System)
  • Good numerical ability in terms of balancing and calculating rates.
  • Methodical, accurate and pays attention to detail.
  • Should be enrolled and pass ACI operations’ certificate 12months within the role.

additional requirements

There are no additional requirements associated with this vacancy.


  • Capture and process authorized Foreign exchange payment instructions as per ACI operations guidelines and deadlines and RMB standards, policies and procedures.
  • Observe all risk and compliance requirements, i.e. AML, STR (Suspicious Transactions Reporting) and sanctions requirements.
  • Proactively identify and resolve errors and irregularities.
  • File all payment instructions in line with policies and procedures.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders to ensure smooth transaction processing.
  • Attend to queries raised by relevant stakeholders.
  • Reconcile all captured Foreign exchange transactions for the previous day to verify that they have been accurately processed within deadlines.
  • Compile monthly BOP (Balance of Payments) report for submission Recover non-interest revenue and charge–related recoverable revenue as per approved tariff guide for services provided (daily).
  • Limit potential losses to the bank by ensuring all transactions are processed according to customer instructions.
  • Display proactivity in querying outstanding items promptly to avoid income leakage to Central Bank.
  • Comply with Foreign exchange processes, procedures and ACI operations guidelines.
  • Strive for an acceptable audit rating.
  • Be aware of settlement (payment or delivery) and liquidity risk in terms of the urgency to ensure settlements occur on time.
  • Understand relevant regulations and their impact on own work tasks.
  • Implement processes in place to address identified audit findings.
  • Liaise with branches to manage and report exceptions (daily).
  • Share knowledge with branch staff.
  • Liaise with correspondent banks to manage and resolve exceptions. Calculate and settle interest earned and owed to correspondent banks on their deposits.
  • Display flexibility in responding to and executing queries promptly.
  • Liaise with Central Bank to resolve discrepancies.
  • Continually drive and model RMB’s values.
  • Provide support to Risk and produce relevant back offices reports to inform Market’s oversight role of FXPH risk monitoring.

Closing date: 16 January 2020

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