Forecast’s Mentorship Program 2023/2024 for young Creative thinkers


Application Deadline: February 26, 2023.

Forecast offers artists and creative thinkers from anywhere in the world the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. For each edition, Forecast selects six mentors from various disciplines who offer selected participants their expertise in specifying and realizing project ideas.

Each edition of Forecast is different; the selected mentors impact the nature and content of every iteration. Forecast is not a grant. It is first and foremost a mentorship program meant to promote a deep transdisciplinary exchange and extend professional networks. If you are selected as a nominee and later, as a mentee, you will also receive an artist fee and production budget, in addition to support in applying to further collaborations and/or funding.

The selection process is two-tiered. First, the mentors carefully review all proposals in their respective fields until May. They each select three nominated concepts, which will be announced on May 9, 2023. The 18 nominees—three in each field—are invited to Berlin to workshop with and showcase their project proposals at Radialsystem during the Forecast Forum taking place July 10–17, 2023. Nominees receive an artist fee for their participation in the Forum.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Anyone from anywhere who is working creatively in a field that they consider connected with one of the mentors in this year’s edition, or in related practices.
  • Forecast’s Mentorship Program recommend looking at the mentors’ statements and familiarizing yourself with their work before deciding whether to apply, and with what project. After all, you and the mentor would work together for several months if you’re selected, so you should have an idea of what they would be able to provide in their mentorship role.


  • Travel and accommodation are covered by Forecast (if you apply as a duo or collective, note that Forecast can only cover the cost of one representative).

Application Procedure:
In the online application form, you will be requested to enter the following:

  • Basic information: name, year of birth (used solely for internal administrative purposes), current address, country of residence, citizenship(s), pronouns, and email.
  • Mentor: name the mentor you’re applying to work with.
  • Your core concept: up to 1,400 characters max.
  • Your proposal*: a single PDF, 16 MB max.
  • Your portfolio: a single PDF, up to eight pages.
  • Curriculum vitae as a PDF.
  • Your life and career: tell us about three moments in your life, experiences, projects, or jobs that have been of special importance to you, 600 characters max.
  • Your compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

*In general, the proposal requires that you:

  • Clearly define your project idea and express what you want to achieve.
  • Sketch the content and format of your participation at the Forecast Forum and Festival. What is the relation between the format (performance, presentation, talk, workshop, screening, installation, etc.) and what you are seeking to convey?
  • Identify the key materials that you need, as well as production steps.
  • Describe how the project could gain from working in tandem with the mentor you have chosen to apply with, and your expectations of the mentoring process.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Forecast’s Mentorship Program 2023/2024

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