Expression of Interest for A Fundraising Consultant at CHE


The Council on Higher Education (CHE) invites interested consultancy firms/individuals to submit proposals for consultancy services for provision of fundraising services for the CHE. All potential bidders must have a proven track record for providing services of this nature.


CHE is a body corporate established through the Higher Education Act of 2004 of the Parliament of Lesotho. Its overall mandate is quality promotion, quality assurance and to advise the Minister of Education and Training. Its specific functions are as follows:

   Monitor implementation of the policy on higher education;

   Publish information regarding developments in higher education on a regular basis;

   Promote access of students to higher education institutions;

   Advise the Minister of Education and Training  on any aspect of higher

   Promote quality assurance in higher education;

   Audit the quality assurance mechanisms of higher education institutions;

   Accredit  programmes  and  issue  a  certificate  of  accreditation  of  higher education; and

   Monitor and evaluate the performance of academic programmes and higher education institutions.

CHE is funded mainly by the Government of Lesotho and may also receive funds from other legitimate sources, including donations, contributions or fees for services rendered. It has a range of stakeholders that include the Lesotho Government, all the Higher Education Institutions operating in Lesotho, other regulatory bodies and potential financiers and agencies that have interest in higher education.

It is governed by Council, which consists of Chairperson, eight members, Principal Secretaries for Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Finance and CHE Chief Executive. Council consists of two statutory committees; Executive Committee and Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee (HEQAC) and sub-committees which assist with technical support in different areas of governance. The subcommittees include, Human Resources Management Committee (HRMC) and Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee (AFRMC).

The Council is supported by a secretariat led by a Chief Executive. There are three business units that help in discharging the mandate of CHE, namely, Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards, Directorate of Policy, Strategy and Information and Directorate of Finance and Corporate Services.


The scope of work is organisation-wide, and all directorates or business units shall benefit from fundraising activities. The consultant will not be required to work from the CHE premises.


The purpose of the fundraising consultancy is to provide support in the form of sourcing of funding and other necessary resources in order to enable CHE to execute strategic and operational plans. The fundraising consultant shall be expected to assist CHE in meeting its defined fundraising targets, objectives, and aspirations. The services of the consultant shall be paid on commission based on the funding resources received at any given time.


   The  fundraising  consultant  shall  be  required  to  request  support  from development partners, businesses / organisations and individuals on behalf of CHE;

  S/He shall further be required to make presentations and attend meetings with potential funders to explain what the funds raised would be used for;

  Develop fundraising plans, implement and evaluate those plans;

  Research prospective donors and write proposals;

  Have  a  broad  understanding  of  the  CHE  mandate,  strategic  plan  and operational plans in order to develop the relevant funding proposals;

   Demonstrate a fair understanding of the higher education subsector locally, regionally and internationally together with the sub-sector’s legal framework;
 Demonstrate a fair understanding of the financial challenges of CHE and the impact these have on the achievements of CHE as well as the quality of higher education in general


The consultant shall repot to CHE Executive management through the Director Finance and Corporate Services.


The duration of the assignment is anticipated to run for a period of three years commencing on the date of signing the Agreement.


   The ideal candidate must have a post graduate qualification or degree (with at least 3 years’ experience) in Business management or Education management or Economics, or Marketing;

   Previous fundraising experience;

   Strong communication skills;

   Marketing skills;

   Proven experience in budgeting and managing money;

   Strategic   partnerships   with   potential   financiers   and/or   knowledge of requirements of potential funders and

   Strong organizational skills.


All   bids   clearly   marked   “EXPRESIION   OF   INTEREST   FOR   A   FUNDRAISING CONSULTANT” must be delivered not later than 1600 hrs, on 29th August 2019 to:

The Chief Executive

Council on Higher Education

5 Bowker Road

Old Europa