Event: The Financially Stable Parent


It is common knowledge that failure to properly plan financially brings negative consequences to parents and families at large. It is no hidden matter that some parents have mental breakdown leading to depression and suicidal tendencies due to the inability to provide their kids financial, material, physical, and educational needs because of wrong financial decisions.

This can impact negatively on kids’ school performance, behaviors and life in general. We are aware of financial institutes holding awareness against financial fraud especially during peak holidays, but little attention is given to teaching parents how to save, invest and budget.

With this realization, The Trailblazer has partnerd with other organizations to hold workshops bi-monthly for parents in 2020.

The workshops are aimed at empowering parents with practical skills, knowledge and exposure to savings, investment opportunities, how to beat the “janu-worry” fever and have lasting financial security.

This will enable parents to gain financial confidence which will impact on their financial management skills, values, vision and communication with their spouses and or kids.

The Trailblazer is the best events company that organizes events which impact directly on life, especially the life of the family (Husband & Wife, Father, Mother and Kids).