The purpose of this tender is to evaluate a project of the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria. The evaluation is being done for the donor, the Norwegian Government.

The overall goal (impact-level goal) of the project is the realisation of human rights in Africa by enhancing the capacity of the African Union human rights and democracy-related bodies, African states and Africa civil society (including non-governmental organisations and lawyers).

The Evaluation is conducted to assess the successful completion of the intended project outcomes, and as a process of learning in the form of suggestions for improvements or changes to ongoing or future interventions. The Evaluation will provide input to a decision on whether to continue the support, and to identify appropriate thematic, institutional and programmatic priorities for potential future support.

The primary objectives of the Evaluation are as follows:

· To examine the extent to which the project has achieved its impact and outcome-level objectives i.e. the demonstrable effects of the support according to the defined expected results of the project as stated in the Agreement and the Grant Application.

· To assist the Norwegian Government in the process of considering a possible further Grant to the Centre. The Evaluation should identify appropriate thematic, institutional and programmatic priorities for potential future support.

The secondary objectives of the Evaluation are as follows:

· To assist in strengthening the Centre’s capacity for project cycle management.

How to apply


Applicants may be either individuals, teams, or companies. In the case of companies, they must, at least, be a single person company with company registration number (or equivalent for foreign companies)”

Mandatory documentation to be submitted:

(a) An application letter, setting out the reasons why the tenderer is suitable to undertake this tender; and setting out the tenderer’s proposed methodological approach, proposed work plan and budget (b) A comprehensive and updated CV/ description of tendering entity (c) Details of similar services provided by the tenderer during the past three years, including their value, their content, the names of the clients and the tenderer’s role in the services. (d) Confirmation by the tenderer that he/ she does not have potential conflicts related to the requested service. (e) A signed copy of “Declaration of good conduct”, Appendix 1 below.


The following criteria will be applied when assessing tenders (to be undertaken by the Centre’s Executive Committee):

• Tenderer’s proposed Methodological Approach, Work Plan and Budget (weight 30%) • Tenderer’s relevant previous experience (weight 30%) • Expertise and skills specific to the service required (including (i) knowledge and understanding of the African context as far as human rights and democracy issues are concerned; (ii) knowledge and understanding of regional human rights systems; (iii) interviewing skills; (iv) report-writing skills and experience in undertaking similar evaluations; and (v) understanding of the donor environment in generally and in Africa, specifically) (weight 40%)

Completed tenders to be emailed to Carole Viljoen [email protected]