EOI for training of market agents as part of fresh produce market center project capacity building


In its 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan, the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) identifi ed the development of a national fresh produce market infrastructure as a key strategic intervention required to augment the fresh produce value chain in Lesotho. This intervention seeks to achieve, inter alia, the following objectives:

  • Create and facilitate improved production capacity for horticulture products (i.e. vegetables, fruits etc) by local producers through creating a market platform for the sale and distribution of their produce;
  • Reduce Lesotho’s dependence on imported horticulture products (import substitution), whilst also improving local food security, and reducing the outfl ow of funds from Lesotho into South Africa, which negatively impacts the balance of trade;
  • Create jobs and reduce poverty by encouraging increased primary production to be traded in the market centre
  • Attract investment in the agricultural sector, particularly in the horticulture value chain by guaranteeing a credible marketing platform
  • Up skill Basotho that are already participating in the agri-business landscape

As part of this vision, the LNDC noted the need to intervene in the industry by supporting capacity building of interested and qualifying Basotho to become market agents for the up-coming market centre in Maseru and other similar trading platforms that will be established in the future across the country. To this end, the LNDC in partnership with Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) in South Africa – a body that regulates occupations of fresh produce, inter alia, and the integrity of persons practicing those occupations  – will be supporting 15 qualifying Basotho to undertake all 4 modules for fresh produce agents qualifi cation.

Module 1: deals with Agent concept, composition, and role of Agricultural Produce Agents Council

Module 2: deals with Fidelity fund, registration and duties of fresh produce agent, trust accounts as well as improper conduct and disciplinary hearings

Module 3: deals with inspections and investigations, confl ict of interest, offences, and penalties

Module 4: code of conduct, receipt and sale of fresh produce

A). Qualifying Criteria:

a)            Basotho with demonstrated interest and experience in any agricultural venture

b)            Any professional qualifi cation from a recognised institution of higher learning

c)            Participation in any segment of the fresh produce value chain such as sizeable primary production of vegetables will be an added advantage

The estimated duration of the training is averaged at 6 months depending on the speed of each learner. Phase 1 of the training will be on-line whilst Phase 2 will constitute internship programme with credible Market Agents in South Africa for a limited time period.

B). Cut-off  date for submissions

Interested candidates must submitted the following in one package:

  • Covering letter expressing their interest in the training
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Certifi ed copied of academic certifi cates

The submissions must be deposited in the tender box placed on Level 7, Block A, Development House or alternatively emailed to [email protected] no later than 15h00 (Lesotho time), on Friday 19th June 2020.

Submissions should BEAR NO IDENTIFICATION of applicants and be clearly

marked “Training of Market Agents for Fresh Produce Market Centre” must be directed to

The Chief Executive Officer

Lesotho National Development Corporation

Block A, Level 7

Development House

Kingsway Road, Maseru

C). Disclaimer: The LNDC shall not be bound to disclose reasons for rejecting or accepting any application. The LNDC also reserves the right to validate information provided by the applicants should need be.

D). Notice of Award: Successful candidates will be notifi ed by telephone or email. The contract will only be binding between the parties once the contract has been signed by both parties.

For enquiries, contact: Mr Sekete Phohlo, [email protected], Mr. Semethe Raleche [email protected], Mrs. Phomotso Sematlane, [email protected], or and [email protected] or alternatively on this telephone number: (+266) 22312012.