Enumerators for NISSA Project


Under the project: “Strengthening Governance of Social Protection in Lesotho: Building an Integrated Social Protection System CRIS N° FED/2013/025-008”, funded by the European Union, UNICEF Lesotho is inviting suitably qualified candidates from Lesotho to support the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) to expand the National Information System for Social Assistance (NISSA). The Lesotho National Social Protection Strategy 2015-2019 considers building a national registry as one of the key milestones in building the NISSA,  given that it will provide support for targeting of national programmes as well as promoting coordination among safety nets programmes.

The first round of NISSA data collection commenced in 2010 followed by the second round in 2012/13 and the third round in 2015. The fourth round of NISSA expansion commenced in January 2017 in 10 Community Councils and the fifth round of NISSA expansion commenced in August 2017 covering 12 Community Councils and brought the total number of rural households in NISSA to 235,948. With the success of the previous NISSA expansion Rounds, the MoSD is now planning to expand the database to cover all the remaining rural areas in Lesotho.

The purpose of this assignment therefore is to assist MoSD with NISSA data collection in the 42 Community Councils, 6 of which will be enumerated for the first time and 36 will be recertified. The estimated number of households in these Community Councils is 200,000. This assignment is expected to last for approximately 48 weeks (11 Months) and will be done using Mobile devices with a mobile app containing the revised NISSA form which will be provided by the MoSD. The MoSD, in partnership with the NISSA expansion service provider and supported by UNICEF will be engaged in overall data quality control and supervision of the data collection.


The recruited Enumerators will carry out the following objectives:

  1. Use tablets with a mobile application to conduct household listings of 42 Community Councils in the 10 Districts of Lesotho. The tablet will be used to upload the lists onto a central NISSA database.
  2. Conduct field work enumeration of all households categorised into 4 Poverty Categories in the 42 Community Councils using the Revised NISSA Form.
  3. Synchronize approximately 200,000 rural households information to the NISSA MIS by January 2019.


NB:  MoSD has already developed a NISSA MIS and tools for data collection. The role of the consultant is to assist with data collection in order to populate this database. The assignment does not require any design work.



The Field Survey Enumerators will be required to perform the following duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a competent, efficient and professional manner.

  • Conduct interviews of individual households as allocated by the Supervisor
  • Undergo stringent training and an evaluation test when training is completed
  • Collect high quality data that is complete, accurate and valid on the tablet provided
  • Comply with the requirements necessary for conducting a successful interview
  • Work efficiently as part of a fieldwork team and ensure that deadlines are met
  • Communicate with the Supervisor and report on work done daily
  • Take ownership and ensure safe and proper use of all equipment provided
  • Report any unusual incidents to the Supervisor daily
  • On completion of the project ensure that all equipment is signed back to the supervisor in working condition
  • Respond to queries from the supervisor or head office promptly



  • Quality NISSA data on tablets


  • Will be based on competitive market rates and paid per successful Household Interview



The Enumerators shall be accountable to the NISSA expansion service provider who will also be responsible for their transportation, payment of accommodation and remuneration.



Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be a Lesotho citizen with bonafide ID and fluent in Sesotho
  • Minimum qualification – Degree in any field
  • Demonstrated skills in field data collection using tablets, and involvement in any National Survey
  • Must have good communication and observation skills and be able to deal with challenging situations during the interview
  • Must have a respectful and sensitive approach not to offend anyone in areas that must be surveyed
  • Must be a team player and must be able to work efficiently in the fieldwork team
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision for six (6) days a week
  • Attention to detail and ability to capture accurate and high-quality data
  • Ability to be discreet and maintain confidentiality
  • Must be willing to walk long distances, and work beyond normal working hours
  • Must be willing to use horses / donkeys as mode of transport in very rural areas
  • Must be willing to work away from home for long periods of time


  1. Completed applications should be submitted in a closed box stationed at the UN House gate, 13 United Nations Road, Maseru, Lesotho by 12:00pm on or before 28th May 2018.